The Top 5 Best Cheap Fixie Wheels That Are Still Worth Buying

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Fixie Wheel SetPrice
State Cycle Deep V’s$
Vuelta ZeroLite$$
Retrospec Mantra$
Solomone Cavalli$$

Back in the early 2010’s, fixie culture was packed with high-performance track wheels like Zipp 808s and HED Tri-spokes. These days, you’re not as likely to see decked out fixies like that, partly because those wheels are expensive but mostly because they’re really not built for urban riding. 

Carbon wheels on a fixie? You don’t have to break the bank to get the look.

With more products on the market and shipping from online retailers being cheaper than ever, you can find cheap yet aesthetic wheels to upgrade your bike. 

You won’t find high-performance fixie wheels on this list, but for an urban environment there are plenty of cheap fixie wheels available. 

First, we’ll cover 5 of the best fixie wheels that won’t break the bank. If you don’t find what After that I’ll explain what to look for in a fixie wheel set. You’ll know what to look for in a fixie wheel to pick the best option for you, whether it’s on this list, at your local shop, or through a private online sale. 

1. State Cycle Co. Wheels

“Lightweight Heroes”

These deep-v fixie wheels are light, stiff, and versatile. Aluminum construction brings them in at a light 3. lbs., ideal for darting between traffic in the city.

Keep in mind that aluminum is stiffer than some of the alloys used for fixie wheels.

Also make sure your tube valve is longer than 42 mm. Regular tube valves won’t even stick out of these 50 mm rims. You’ll need a 60 mm valve.

These are more of a high-performance option without the hefty price tag. More of a casual rider? Thy’re a good cheap option for you, too, thanks for the flip-flop hub. 

For the $170 price tag, you’ll get the full wheel set. That’s front and back. Great value considering some fixie wheel sets can run you many times that price. 

These wheels come assembled, so getting them rolling is no challenge.

A feature I personally like is that they don’t have quick-release lug nuts. That makes them a little harder to steal. 

2. Vuelta ZeroLite Fixie Track Wheelset

“The Track Stars”

The Vuelta Fixie Wheels
If style is important to you, these Vuelta fixie rims come in almost every colour of the rainbow…even pink!

The VeltaZeroLites are another fixie wheelset that put performance over style, although they’re not hard to look at. You won’t find these wheels on a competitive cyclists bike, but they’re ideal for a casual or commuter cyclist looking for a cheap, durable wheel option. 

For the meagre price tag you’ll get the full wheelset. It comes with a 16t fixed gear cog, although it’s not the highest quality. You’ll want to replace it with your cog or take it as an opportunity to upgrade. 

As an added bonus you have your pick of 6 different colour themes, from black to pink.

If style is your thing, you can peel of the decals from the rims. I personally find the cleaner look without the decals superior. They come off easily with a bit of acetone. 

Although these aren’t the lightest wheels on the market, the decent quality of the components and the options available make these a definite contender for the best cheap fixie wheels you can buy online. 

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3. Retrospec Mantra Wheels

“The Go-To’s”

An image of the retrospec fixie wheels on a bike leaning on a fence

These Retrospec wheels provide the Deep-V looks and durability without the price tag. Back in the day, Velocity B43s were the first and last name in Deep V fixie wheel sets. 

Since then the price of comparable wheels like the Retrospec Mantras has made this style of wheel more accessible. Retrospec may not be as legendary as Velocity, but they have well-earned reputation for quality. 

An image of the purple retrospec mantra fixie wheels
Sooo many colours.

They’re a bit heavier and have 43 mm. double wall super-deep v rims, machined & ready for a brake. That extra alloy puts on a bit more weight. 

Same as with the other deep rims on this list, make sure your tube valve is long enough.

On the plus side, these fixie wheels come with tires (Kenda Kwest Tires) and you have your choice of colours – and there are a lot to choose from. 

With an above-average 32 spokes, they’re well balance and those extra spokes add to the wheels durability. 

Looking for a highly-dependable wheel? Don’t mind if it’s a bit heavier? The Retrospec Mantras are for you. You can’t go wrong for 100 bucks.

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4. Solomone Cavalli SC Fixie Wheels (Front or Back)

“The Stunners”

An image of the solomone front fixie wheel on a bike leaning against a wall

This is a double entry, since both front and back are sold separately for the same price. A mere $109.

The major difference you’ll notice is that this wheelset is available in both 5 and 3 spoke models. Both are made from the same magnesium alloy. 

The second bike factor is their weight. Although you can beat the hell out of these wheels on your fixie, you’ll notice the bit of added weight. It’s nothing drastic.

Once you get used to the weight, it can actually help you keep momentum. Until then, get used to pedalling harder.  

A fixie rider skidding on a bike with Solomone tri spoke fixie wheels
These wheels maybe heavy, but they’re also hefty in the style department. They rip.

These wheels will look familiar to anyone who was on the fixed gear scene in the late 2000’s. The Aerospoke 5-spoke wheel was the ultimate piece of hipster bike swag. Some loved it. Others hated it. Now it can be yours for far cheaper.

You can get the 5-spoke version in black, but only the tri-spoke is also available in white. 

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5. Mag Wheels Fixed Gear 700c Wheelset

“The Retro 5-Spoke”

An image of a 5-spoke iMeshbean front fixie wheel
5 spokes + a retro look = Magwheels

Style and functionality meet in this cheap fixie wheelset. If the retro look is your style, that is. Some people love the 5-spoke look, and this wheel delivers without sacrificing quality. 

The matte black goes with anything as far as color goes, if style is your thing. This a terrific fixie wheel to get if you want that sleek look without forking out 100’s of dollars on one piece of hardware. 

These wheels are strong. Seriously strong. They can handle 200+ lb. riders with ease. The retro look may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a workhorse fixie wheel, this set might be for you. 

iMeshbean’s fixie wheelset is build from a magnesium-titanium alloy. That accounts for its solid performance. That titanium has to account for something, right? It’s designed specifically for a fixie/single speed bike. 

You’ll get a flip flop hub on this wheel, so it fits any riding style or build. It comes with a 17t cog, which is a pretty standard size so there shouldn’t be much trouble tensioning the chain.


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