In a rush to buy a wheelset? You can compare the Retrospec Mantra Fixie Wheels on Amazon. Otherwise, stick around to read the full Restrospec Fixie Wheels review.

Retrospec Mantra Fixie Wheels Review Summary

These fixie wheels are great wheels for the price. 

These 700c wheels retail for a mere $100 for the pair and provide pretty extraordinary value for that price. That’s only $50 per wheel. For any commuter looking for an upgrade or a replacement, the Retrospec Mantra wheelset should do nicely. 

They come with everything you need – tires, wheels, tubes and both a single speed freewheel and a fixed gear cog. 

If you’re looking for something more performance-oriented, consider track bike wheel if your budget allows it. 

However, if you’re looking for value, Retrospec’s Mantra wheelset is made from quality materials and has the durability to keep it true. You should be able to ride 100’s of kilometers without any problems.

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Retrospec Mantra Wheels Pros + Cons

• Wide range of colours that really pop• Not ALL colours have both wheels with a braking surface
• Very affordable without sacrificing quality• Tires are directional so you need to turn them when switching between fixed and single speed
• 43 mm. Rims provide durability• Not quick release (although I think that’s a positive)
• Includes everything (tires, tubes, cogs, etc)
• Sealed bearings = low maintenance

Retrospec Mantra Fixie Wheels Features

Let’s dive into the features of the Retrospec wheels a little deeper. In this section we’ll cover each of the main features of this wheelset and how those features affect their value as commuter wheels. 

Deep V Design

The thick deep-V design not only looks cool but adds durability to create a wheel you can really count on

Kenda Tires

They may not be premium Gatorskins, but Kenda Kwest tires are a great commuter tire for even the pickiest riders


Retrospec’s wheelsets are all hand-built to make sure you get a product which is worth the price

Retrospec Rims

Brand name lightweight 43-mm double-wall Super Deep V rims keep your wheels true and absorb the shocks of the road. Although the rims are a bit heavier, that bit of extra weight is well worth the added durability you get. Even heavier riders can run this wheelset without any problems. 

I personally quite like the Super Deep V look, especially since you can customize your colour. 

Lots Of Colour Options

There are tons of different colour combinations available not only for the rim, but for other components too. For many people, a big part of the appeal of a fixie is a style. These wheels let you express yours with so many customization options.

So many colours available!

Sealed Bearings & Hubs

In 2014, Retrospec upgraded to sealed bearings in all their wheels. Not only do they provide a smoother ride, but these high-flange sealed bearing hubs ensure a smooth, long-lasting ride and minimize maintenance. 

If you do have to replace them, popping out the old bearings and putting in new ones is easy. It’s a lot easier than dealing with caged bearings, at least. 

Flip Flop Hub

Switching between a single-speed freewheel and a fixed gear cog is easy. All you have to do is loosen the wheel and flip it around. One drawback of these wheels is that the tires they come with are directional, so the tread will run in the wrong direction unless you turn the tire around, too. Not flipping the tire around won’t affect performance much for a casual commuter. 

Comes With Kenda Kwest Tires

Brand-name tires are always a plus. These are designed with smooth rounded treads, making them ideal for agile riding urban environments. Water dispersion grooves help maintain traction in wet conditions and the tires last quite a while even if you like skidding. 

Designed for Fixies

These wheels are designed and built for single-speed and fixie bikes, from the style to the functionality. Retrospecs wheels can take a serious beating from even the most die hard fixie riders and still run true. 

Good Design

Being aerodynamic might not be at the top of your list of requirements for new fixie wheels, but it’s a nice bonus. The Retrospec wheels are also fairly light for how durable they are, a feature that’s especially important for heavier riders. 

Other Reviews

Not sure if the Retrospec wheelset is right for you? Read what others have to say in their Retrospec wheelset reviews.

Consulting online reviews is a terrific way to round out your understanding of the Retrospec fixie wheels before you decide to buy. 

Retrospec Mantra Fixie Wheels Conclusion

You get what you pay for. This Retrospec wheelset review concludes that these wheels are definitely worth buying if you’re a commuter looking for dependable wheels. They’re also great for casual riders. 

For track cyclists and fixed gear freestyle riders, something a bit more specialized might serve you better. 

But for everyone else, Retrospec provides everything you need to get your fixie rolling. It’s convenient to get everything in one box for one price. 

They’re recommended for anyone who wants value and doesn’t care about having the newest bling on their bike. 

If the Retrospec Mantra Fixie Wheels aren’t for you, check out our list of 5 great fixie wheels that provide great value.

Looking for Tires For Your New Fixie Wheels?

If you want some fixie tires to go with your new wheelset, we have you covered.

Check out this list that covers everything from Gatorskins for heavy skidding to the Panaracer tire for commuters on a budget.


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