Keeping two hands firmly on the handlebars is a necessity for any fixie rider, especially if you’re riding brakeless. Read on to choose from the 4 best fixie grips you can buy online right now to keep your rides smooth and steady.

RaceFace Half Nelson $$
CNC Fixie Grips$
TopCabin $
Planet Bike $$

1. RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips

Thin, grippy, and lightweight Locking fixie grips. What more do you need?

An image of the RaceFace Half Nelson handlebar grips on a set of handlebars for a list of the best fixie grips you can buy online right now.

Great Fixie Grips, Plain and Simple

Super thin and low profile, the RaceFace grips are the perfect accessory to a brakeless fixie or sleek track frame.

Why? They’re originally designed for downhill cycling, so they feature ultra soft yet durable and tacky rubber grip. They’re some of the best grips you can buy if you’re looking for lightweight and low cost.

Choose from various colors to match your fixie. Also remember these are just 24 grams for a pair. They’re not going to add as much weight as fixie grips with more plastic and/or metal.

One of my favorite features is the lock-on mechanism. Slide on the grip, tighten it with an Allen key, then throw on the end cap.

This type of fixie grip is great because you can take it off to adjust it with ease. Some of the slide-on grips require quite a bit of physical exertion to get on and off.

2. LYCAON Bike Handlebar Grips

Plain, non-slip rubber grips at a great value.

A close up of the Lycaon bike handlebar grips showing off the product for a review of the best grips for fixed gear bikes.

Your “Budget” Option for the Best Fixie Grips

These LYCAON fixie grips are you low-cost option for the best fixie handlebar grips. At under $10 without shipping, it’s tough to beat that price for a bicycle component.

The question is…are they worth the price, or are they too cheap?

Not unless you need to look flashy. Rubber has been around a long time, so mass production and technological advancements in the rubber industry means its cheap and readily available.

These fixie grips are firm, durable, and skid-proof thanks to their cross-thatched grip pattern.

They’ll fit any fixie handlebars with 20-22mm. width and feature an ultra thin profile for those that don’t like too much bulk.

3. CNC Fixie Grips

Silicone and EVA Aluminum Alloy grips with cool designs.

The CNC Fixie grips attached to a mountain bike, showing the product as it appears when installed for a review of the top fixie grips.

The Best Silicone Fixie Grips

Unlike other fixie grips on this list, these are made of silicone. They have a smoother profile because the silicone is tacky. That’s where you get your grip.

That sleek profile means they’re available with a number of different patterns and designs. If you’re building up a colorful fixie, these grips are the perfect finishing touch.

To clarify, the brand name is CNC, not to be confused with the CNC machining process which cuts components out of a solid block of aluminum.

Fortunately, the design doesn’t fade and doesn’t sacrifice grip. They’re also designed with shock-absorption in mind to keep your ride smooth and enjoyable. That’s a definite plus when hitting potholes or rougher roads on your fixie.

One trade-off with these fixie grips is that they aren’t very soft. If you prefer a firmer handle, these may be for you.

4. TopCabin Grips

Anti-slip textured rubber grips that provide comfort and durability.

A product shot of the TopCabin fixie grips showing off the product for a review of the best handlebar grips for your fixie.

Top Quality Grips from Top Cabin

“Top Quality” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. Unless you’re one of those people who want to spend more money to be able to brag, there’s no point in spending more than you need to.

Sure, you can buy Leather Ring Grips from the famous Brooks for a cool $60 bucks, but unless you’re going for the hipster factor you might as well stick with something simpler.

Top Cabin’s grips offer just that. They’ll fit fixie handlebars between 22 and 23 mm., which is a standard size.

Features include convex anti-slip particles embedded in the grips make sure you don’t slip from sweating or environmental factors. That makes for a safer ride, especially if you’re running a brakeless build and depend on skidding your tires to stop.

As a bonus, you get a 12-month warranty when you buy these grips on Amazon.

5. Planet Bike Grips

Dura-cork, ergonomic design that dampens the vibrations of the road.

A product shot of a set of Planet Bike Dura Cork grips showcasing the product for a list of the best fixie grips you can buy online now.

Ergonomically Designed Grips for Happy Hands

Maybe you want the hipster look and don’t want to shell out nearly $100 on Brook’s handlebar grips. Or perhaps you prefer a softer grip for your handlebars.

Either way, the Planet Bike Grips have you covered. Made from Dura Cork, they have a bit more “give” and don’t chafe your hands like rubber or silicone. The best part of this materials is the vibration dampening, making these a spectacular choice for people with sensitive skin.

I wouldn’t recommend these for those of you who ride brakeless. You’ll want a bit of a firmer grip for that type of riding. However, if you’re just commuting or riding casually and want that hipster fixie look, these are a good pick.

Two added bonuses: The major bonus is that these grips are a universal fit. That means they’ll suit absolutely any handlebars.

A second and slightly less major bonus is the eco-friendly packaging. It uses sustainable materials to give you the comfort of knowing you’re buying a product that helps the earth.

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