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Fixie Tire BrandPrice Point
1. Dura-Ace Shimano Sprocket$$$
2. All-City Track Cog$
3. Origin 8 Track Cog$$
4. Wolf Tooth CNC Cog$$

If you’re having trouble deciding, you can compare the best fixie cogs on Amazon.

What Sized Gear Do I Need For A Fixie?

Fixed gear bikes require a 1/8-inch track cog which is larger than the standard 3/32 width of a geared bike.

Fixies require a wider cog to accommodate a larger fixie chain to handle the increases stress which fixed gear riding places on the drivetrain.

What is a Fixie Gear Ratio?

Fixie Gear ratio refers to the ratio of your fixie’s front chainring and rear cog. This ratio controls how easy it is to get rolling, and what your top speed will be.

Although a high ratio is great for accelerating, riding quickly is much tougher because the pedals will spin much faster at higher speeds.

What is The Best Fixie Gear Ratio?

The most popular fixie gear ratio is around 44/16. This ratio make acceleration easy enough to climb hills, but your top speed fast enough to handle flats and mixed terrain.

How Do I Choose a Fixie Gear Ratio?

If you’re new to fixie riding, start with an average ratio like 44/16 or something close. If you want to play around with the ratio to find the best fixie gear ratio for you, bikecalc.com has a tremendous free tool to help you land on the ideal ratio for you.

Why Does a Fixie Gear Ratio Matter?

In addition to affecting your speed and acceleration, fixie ratio will determine how you can skid. If you can only skid on one side, a higher ratio might be for you. If you’re ambidextrous, lower ratios will be easier to run since you have twice the opportunity to skid (skid positions come around less frequently on lower ratios).

How Do I Remove a Fixie Cog?

You’ll need a special tool called a lockring wrench. They are easy to use, just make sure you loosen the lockring in the opposite direction. Turning it to the right will tighten it.

1. Dura-Ace Shimano SS-7600 Sprocket

This high-performance fixie cog is a great option from one of the best fixie cog companies and respected brands in the world.

The shimano fixie cog, intended to show off the product for a review of the best fixie cogs.

Shimano Fixie Cogs Aren’t Cheap, But They Last

There isn’t much that needs to be said about the Dura-Ace fixie cog if you’re familiar with the Shimano brand.

Practically the gold standard for modern drivetrain components, Japanese company Shimano is one of 3 global brands which dominate the world’s cog and sprocket market.

In fact, 70-80% of global cycling components are sold by Shimano. They’re definitely doing something right, and that something is providing proven, high-quality cycling components.

These aren’t the cheapest parts on the market, but it’s one of those products that will last. Wear and tear is natural for drivetrain parts. Shimano cogs wear down from friction, but they’re sure to last longer than budget parts.

A Fixie Cog Built to Last

A great fixie cog from one of the most trusted companies in the business.

Different Sizes to Choose From

With 3 sizes to choose from, this fixie cog is perfect if you’re particular about your gear ratio

Slick, Black Colour

Some people prefer flashy colours, but fixie cogs get dirty anyway. Stick with black and the gear will look cleaner, longer.

Quality Brand

Includes English-threading bottom bracket, cranks, and a chainring, all shipped together.

2. All-City Track Cog

A great “middle of the road” fixie cog for those who don’t want to splurge but still want a quality product.

An image of the All-city fixie cog showing off the product for a list of the best fixie cogs on the market.

A Workhorse Fixie Cog From a Specialized Fixie Brand

In many ways, All-City epitomizes the fixie boom of the 2000’s. They carry through the Brooklyn hipster fixie style in everything they do.

However, unlike hipsters, this brand aged well and continues to deliver quality fixie products.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, affordable fixie cog this one is for you. It has a bit of visual flair with little cut-outs and it’s available in a few different sizes to accommodate your preferred gear ratio.

It’s not a high-performance component you’d find on the track, but it’s certainly a proven product from a reputable compnay.

The Fixie Cog for Commuters or Casual Riders


Like most fixie cogs, this 1/8 gear will fit practically any hub, whether it’s flip flop or just plain fixed.

Cool Appearance

Cutouts from the body of the gear give it a nice urban look that sets it apart from some of the more plain-looking fixie cogs.


The cutouts not only look cool, but save you a bit of weight as well. It’s not much, but it’s something.

3. Origin 8 Track Cog

The perfect upgrade from a stock fixie cog.

An image of the Origin 8 Fixie cog presenting the cog in a list of the best fixie cogs you can buy in 2021.

A Quality Fixie Cog With The Best Variety of Available Sizes

Origin 8 is one of the lesser known brands on this list. Regardless, they’re proving themselves by providing one of the most affordable fixie cogs without sacrificing quality.

Best of all, they offer the most sizing options of any fixie cog manufacturer. The provide sizing ranging from 13T to 20T in any standard chainring width. That’s a lot of options.

This diversity of size will allow you to get the exact gear ratio you’re looking for. These factors all come together to make Origin 8’s fixie cog one of the best available products on the market.

Great Build Quality & Lots of Sizing Options

Chromoly Design

Hardened Chromoly design isn’t as flashy as CNC, but it provides toughness and durability.

Rust-Proof Coating

Prevent moisture from ruining your ride thanks to rust-proof coating on your fixie cog.

Designed For Urban Fixies

Origin 8 is a road and fixie-specific brand, so you can rest assured their products fit the demands of fixie riding.

4. Wolf Tooth CNC Cog

Combining design and appearance, the Wolf Tooth CNC cog is lightweight, durable, and easy on the eyes.

One-of-a-Kind Fixie Cog Design

Wolf Tooth Components build this cog with extra tall and rigid teeth to ensure good fixie chain traction and durability. Plus, it’s quite fitting for the name of the company.

They claim that their the most light weight and pretty cogs you can buy. However, you’re sure to find something lighter from a high-performance company like Mavic.

CNC Construction Ensures Quality

CNC-machined products are milled out of a solid block of aluminum. That means there’s no way cracks or fissures could form and cause unnecessary risk for the rider.

This process also ensures the lightest weight. Gaps and holes not only create a cool, unique appearance, but remove excess material from sections that don’t need additional metal.

Best of all, you get your choice of 5 colors!

Don’t Forget the Lockring!

Remember that fixie bikes require a fixie lockring. The lockring is a small hoop which threads on in the opposite direction of the fixie cog. When you pedal and engage the cog, friction causes the lockring to tighten against the cog. This tension ensures the cog stays firmly in place where it should be.

Most fixie cogs don’t come with a lockring, so make sure to pick one up if you’re building up a new bike.

If you’re really strapped for cash, you can buy this fixie cog that comes with a lockring for about $10. Buyer beware, this is a budget option which doesn’t have the same durability as the other cogs on this list.

Good Luck and Happy Fixie Riding!

If you have any questions about any of these fixie cogs or have a recommendation about the best fixie cogs, drop a comment below.

If you’re looking for more drivetrain components, check out our list of the best fixie cranksets to go with your new lockring. Just make sure to get the chainline straight if you’re replacing both at once.

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