In a rush to buy a wheelset? You can compare the Vuelta ZeroLite Fixie Wheels on Amazon. Otherwise, stick around to read the full Vuelta ZeroLite Fixie wheels review.

Vuelta ZeroLite Fixie Wheels Review Summary

Why spend $1000’s on carbon wheels when you can get these solid, lightweight hand-built fixie wheels for cheap?

Vuelta’s ZeroLite 700c fixie wheels are durable, light, and roll nice and rigid. Not to mention they look pretty good. Especially if you peel the decals off.

Are they the best fixie wheels on the market? Maybe for your budget, but one thing is certain. They’r worth the price, even if they’re not perfect.

For $120 all told with shipping, these wheels are good – even great – for the price.

I would recommend these to anyone on a budget looking for a good deal on a dependable wheelset.

Buying wheels online comes with the risk of shipping to affect the wheels. People who order wheels online often come out of true. It’s usually not much and doesn’t pose more than a minor inconvenience. Still, that’s worth knowing. 

The wheels look better without the decals. Luckily, all it takes to remove them is a bit of acetone. 

An image of a fixie bike with the Vuelta ZeroLite wheels intended to show off the wheels for a Vuelta ZeroLite Fixie Wheel Review

Vuelta ZeroLite Fixie Wheels Pros + Cons

• Great value & low price• Freewheel cog not included
• Quality despite the low price• Maybe be slightly out of true due to shipping
• Good light weight
• Come with fixie cog
• Easy to install

Vuelta ZeroLite Fixie Wheels Features

For such an inexpensive set of fixie wheels, these come with a quite a few great features. 

Lightweight Fixie Wheels

With the front sitting at just over 1 kg. (1,007 g.) and the rear at just a bit more (1,144 g.) you’ll notice the weight difference with these rims on your bike. 

This weight is an improvement on almost all stock wheel sets, so they make a good first upgrade. 

Flip-Flop Hub

The rear hub on this wheelset is a flip flop hub. One side has a fixed gear. The other has threads which are ready for the freewheel of your choice. 

You can choose to swap from a fixed gear to a single speed whenever you please just by flipping the wheel around and tightening it back up. 

30 mm Rims

Not too deep and plenty strong, these rims can take a beating and still hold true. They’re not quite Deep V rims, but unless you really like the deep rim style these Vuelta rims will do just as well in terms of functionality. 

The rim depth also helps you avoid any issues with the length of your tube’s stem. Deeper rims require a special extra-long valve. 

Machined For Breaking

They come ready for a v brake straight out of the box. Vuelta use a CNC process to machine these brake surfaces, so they’re precise and solid. 

That means they’re ready to roll with regardless whether you ride brakeless or not. 

Sealed Bearings

Vuelta’s sealed cartridge bearings keep dirt and grit out of the bearings to keep you riding smoother, longer. 

Choice of Colours

Choose from 6 different colours to customize your fixie.

These wheels look even better when you remove the decals to let all the colour come through. It doesn’t take any more than a bit of acetone and elbow grease to get the decals off and get your new fixie wheels looking their best. 

Handbuilt Fixie Wheels

Each wheelset is carefully assembled by hand. Quality assurance is high since you know each wheel was individually inspected by an actual person. 

Fixie Cog Included

You get a 16T fixed gear cog included when you buy the Vuelta ZeroLite fixie wheels. 16 teeth is a pretty standard size, so if this is your first wheelset it’s a good size to get started with. 

It’s a bit of extra value that goes a long way. 

If you prefer to use your own cog, it only takes a few minutes to switch it in. The cog that comes with these wheels is not the highest quality hardware.

Easy Installation

All you need to get these installed on your bike is a size 15 wrench and a few minutes. 

Just insert the axel into your dropouts, tighten up the nuts, and you’re ready to roll.

Other Vuelta ZeroLite Fixie Wheel Reviews

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After all, it’s always good to get a second or third first-hand opinion about fixie wheels before you buy them. 


Value, strength, and style all come together in the Vuelta ZeroLite fixie wheels. For riders looking for a solid wheelset on a budget, it’s tough to beat the value these wheels provide. 

The only possible downside is the tightness of the axles, although that works itself out after a few miles of riding. A bit of a stiff ride at first is a price worth paying for such a durable set of fixie wheels. 

These wheels come with everything you need to get rolling, unless you want to use them on a single speed bike. In that case, you’d need to buy a freewheel separately because the Vuelta’s don’t come with a freewheel. 

Happy riding is guaranteed, because these could be the best fixie wheels on the market for the price. 

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