In a rush to find a cheap fixie wheel? Compare the Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheels to similar wheels on Amazon.

Solomone Cavalli 700c Fixie Wheels Overview

Want the slick 5-spoke carbon wheel look without forking out an arm and a leg? Consider Solomone’s Cavalli wheels.

Solomone’s Cavalli 700c wheels are a cheap alternative to carbon track wheels that give you that sought-after, sleek fixie look without the hefty price tag, or the super-stiff feel.

They’re good, cheap street fixie wheels. Since they’re not made of carbon, you can feel a bit of extra weight. That’s expect for the price. 

The extra weight makes this fixie wheel totally unsuitable for performance riding on the track. Find another set of wheels if your looking for light, performance-oriented wheels. 

Otherwise, the Solomone Cavalli 700c’s are a sensible set of cheap fixie wheels that could suit any urban fixed gear bike. 

An image of the Solomone Cavalli fixie wheels showing off the sleek look of these wheels for a review.
Solomone’s Cavalli wheels complement a gorgeous track bike like this perfectly.

Pros & Cons of the Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheels

• Great style at a low price• Some extra weight

• Durable 5-spoke design• Not suitable for track riding
• Turns heads rolling down the road• Only come in matte black
• Takes a lot of punishment
• Good for trying a 5-spoke before investing in an expensive wheel

Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheels Features

The Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheels boast a range of features that make them a great option for any fixie rider who’s looking for an inexpensive wheel that turns heads on the street.

Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheels Features

Includes Fixed Gear Cog

Solomone Cavalli 700c rear wheels come with a 17t cog attached to the hub. Skip the hassle of buying a new fixed gear or transferring your own.

5-Spoke Design

Superb style which recalls the famous Aerospoke wheels & provides a smooth ride. These wheels provide the style without the high price.

Durable Alloy Construction

The Solomone Cavalli wheels are made of durable magnesium alloy that does put a bit of weight on your bike

Flip Flop Hub Included

Switch from fixed gear to single speed in minutes with just a wrench thanks to the flip flop hub.

Head-Turning Style

It won’t break records on the track, but this wheel is sure to turn heads on the street

Fits a Range of Tires

Go for the size of tire which suits your riding style. This wheel accommodates all 700c tire sizes, from 23c -28c.

Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheels Review

Urban fixie riders and commuters can count on this wheel to be a worthwhile bargain. It’s got the style, reliability, and low price to be worth buying. 

Track stars who want to shave a few seconds off their times but have already shaved their legs should already know that these aren’t the wheels for them. 

Solomone Cavallie fixie wheels are not appropriate for the track. They’re fixie wheels. As in for a street fixie, for bombing around town, or commuting to work or school. 

There’s no comparing these to carbon wheels. They’re built for style, not for function.

An image of a red bike with the Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheel installed on the back to show off what the wheel looks like for the Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheel Review
The 3-spoke version of the Solomone Cavalli Fixie wheel.

Part of the reason they’re so cheap is the construction. They’re made from an aluminum magnesium alloy which sacrifices weight for durability. 

At least you know you’re getting a wheel that won’t fall apart, even if it is a few hundred grams heavier. 

You will notice the bit of extra weight. Once you get used to it, you’ll have an easier time maintaining speed and keeping up your momentum once you get rolling. 

This type of wheel really suits the fixie riding style, especially if you ride brakeless. That extra momentum encourages the rider to find the perfect line and get creative with their cycling. 

If it doesn’t sound like this wheel is for you, we’ve got a list of 5 cheap fixie wheels you can buy online that are more performance oriented. 

The Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheels Recommendation: Buy or Pass?

Personally, I find the Solomone Cavalli 5-spoke a great alternative to buying a carbon track wheel for 100’s or 1000’s of dollars. 

When I got into fixed gear bikes, I dreamed of owning a slick track frame with a tri-spoke HED wheel. Unfortunately, I never had the cash to make that dream happen. 

The Solomone Cavalli fixie wheels let fixie riders get that cool track aesthetic for a much lower cost. Even one of the lower end composite wheels from back in the day – Aerospoke, now called Encore – would run you several hundreds of dollars. 

These wheels give you the exact same aesthetic for just $109 USD. If you buy them on Amazon you even get FREE shipping, even without Prime

That’s definitely a bargain I would have taken up back in the day when Bianchis and tri spoke wheels were just a fantasy. Too bad they weren’t available then. 

On a more serious note, if you’re a rider like me you will probably be pleased with these wheels. I love the way fixie bikes look. I’ve been in love with the clean aesthetic since I first got into fixies, and in my view the 5-spoke of 3-spoke wheels just elevate that aesthetic. 

I would buy these just to turn heads, even if they are a bit heavier than my old wheelset. 

Riders looking for serious track bike performance wheels will know enough about their sport to avoid these. Urban hype beasts will know enough to buy them. 

Other Solomone Cavalli Fixie Wheels Reviews

Getting a second opinion never hurts. 

You can read what other fixie riders had to say about their experiences with the Solomone Cavalli 700c Fixie Wheels to help you decide if they’re right for you. 

After all, each rider has a different riding style and therefore a different experience with the wheel. 

Other Options For Fixie Wheels

If style isn’t your thing, the Solomone Cavalli Fixie wheels might not be your first choice. 

Fear not. There are tons of other inexpensive wheels that serve performance-oriented riders and still don’t slack in the looks department.

Our article about the best fixie wheels you can buy online is sure to help you find the right wheels for you. It covers the more popular fixed gear wheels and explores a few hidden gems that aren’t as well known.

Here’s a short list of some other fixie wheels you might consider if the Solmone Cavallis aren’t right for you:

If you own the Solomone Cavalli fixie wheels we’d love to her from you in the comments below.

Let us know your experience with the wheels or leave your own short review. It could help another rider make sure they’re buying the right wheels for themselves.

Happy riding and good luck finding the right set of wheels.


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