Here are 5 of the best fixie handlebars, each catering to a different riding style. You’ll find every kind of handlebar on this list, from track drops to risers.

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Fixie Tire BrandPrice Point
Retrospec Pista Track Drops$$
Liteone Wide Bars$
Upanbike Drop Bars$
Upanbike Bullhorns$
Cinelli Fixie Risers$$$

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1. Retrospec Fixie Track Drops (Pista)

The traditional fixed gear track bike handlebars, built for speed.

A front 3/4 view of white Retrospec fixie track drops showing off the product for a review of the best fixie handlebars.

Outside of the unparalleled sleek style and optimal opportunity for aerodynamic positioning, these Pista Drop bars don’t have much to offer. They are built for one thing.


They get their name from the Italian word “Pista,” meaning track, and that’s what they’re designed for. The Velodrome.

Casual riders & commuters beware

If you’re a commuter or casual rider you’ll be much happier with traditional drops. More likely, you’ll want something for upright riding like bullhorns.

HOWEVER. If you thirst for speed, love sprinting, and can’t help but look like you broke out of the velodrome, the Retrospec Pista Track drops are for you.

Only buy these if you love rippin’

You can definitely get away with riding upright on these handlebars, although they’ll be less comfortable than traditional road bike bars. If you feel comfortable in a forward position, you’ll find a variety of hand placements to suit you.

Retrospec are a trusted manufacturer in fixie circles, and they bring no less than their best to these Pista Bars.

Retrospec’s Take On the Traditional Pista Track Fixie Drops

Retrospec’s Pista Track Drops are one of the best fixie track drops available for a low cost.

Durable 6061 Aluminum

Stiff, lightweight, and durable material for a long working life of aggressive riding.

25.4mm Clamp Diameter

Thinner clamp diameter specifically for fixed gear bikes, but will still fit most end grips.

Classic Pista Geometry

Pista track drops provide a comfortable forward position for aggressive riding.

2. Liteone Wide Fixie Handlebars

Wide fixie handlebars are all the rage on fixies right now because they’re great for urban riding.

4 Liteone wide fixie handlebars of different colours intended to show off the range of colours available for a best fixie handlebars review.

In the 2000’s, ultra narrow fixie handlebars were all the rage. Today, that trend has reversed.

All the cool kids have wide bars. However, unlike the trends of the 2000’s, wide fixie handlebars are highly functional.

Handlebars with exceptional maneuverability

Not only are they terrific for maintaining stability, they offer unparalleled manoeuvrability. That’s a real boon for urban riding.

They’re also a great platform for all kinds of skids and help you find a great hand position for comfortable and controlled skidding.

If you don’t ride brakeless, another big advantage of these handlebars is you can easily break with just 1 finger without losing control.

Don’t forget how wide they are!

The only potential downside is not fitting through gaps in traffic, if you’re that kind of rider. I know I am.

Luckily, the Liteone Fixie Wide Handlebars are shipping with cut lines, so you can cut these bad boys down to whatever size you want.

Best Wide Fixie Handlebars

5 Available Colors

Choose from 1 of 5 colours of high-quality aluminum alloy.

1 Size Fits All

31.8 mm diameter fits most accessories like brakes & lights as well as most grips.

Cut Lines

Want to cut the bars down to be a bit less wide? Cut lines are printed directly on the bars.

3. UPANBIKE Fixie Drop Bars

A classic fixie handlebar for both upright and forward riding positions.

A front 3/4 view of the black upanbike fixie drop bars for a list of the 5 best fixie handlebars.

Classic road bike drop bars are a staple handlebar because they offer a range of hand positions and can easily accommodate 2 brake mounting positions.

My first fixie had road bars since it was a conversion, and they will forever have a place in my heart. However, these days most riders are rocking risers or wide bars.

Classic, versatile fixie handlebars

You really can’t go wrong with drop bars, so they’re ideal for new riders just getting their feet wet with riding fixed.

Riders can stay upright and use the top of the handlebars, or drop into an aerodynamic position by using the drops.

Dependable construction & design

These drop bars from UPANBIKE are a terrific buy, especially if you’re still feeling out which type of handlebars work best for you.

They’re far cheaper than big brand names like Bianchi or Cinelli and are made of the same 6061 aluminum alloy the big brands use. This material makes them both rigid and lightweight.

They don’t have much in the flash department, but you can cover them up in some cool bar tape. You’re better off spending the big bucks on other components anyway.

The Quintessential Road Fixie Handlebars

Available in 2 Sizes

Choose from either 25 or 32mm clamp diameter depending on your stem and size preference.

Vectran Protection

Forged from 6061 T6 Aluminium alloy for exceptional durability and extremely light weight.

Low Price Point

Extremely affordable price point ideal for budget fixed gear builds or commuter bikes.

4. UPANBIKE Fixie Bullhorn Handlebars

Bullhorn handlebars are ideal for upright riding positions and sprinting through traffic.

A rear view of the upanbike fixie bullhorns mounted on a bike, showing off the handlebars for a list of the best fixie handlebars.

For my money, bullhorns represent the best of both worlds. You can rest your hands next to the stem clamp for casual rolling, then move them up the bullhorns when it’s time to sprint.

Great for casual and hardcore riders alike

Whether you’re a seasoned bike messenger or just getting into fixed gear, bullhorns will have something for you. In terms of versatility, they’re second only to wide bars.

They’re not too wide and will still let you squeeze through gaps in traffic. Plus you can transfer into a sprinting position almost instantly.

Amazing handlebars if you’re just learning to skid

One of the greatest features for casual riders is how they let you comfortably hold your weight above the front tire. That position makes skidding much easier.

If you’re just learning to skid, you can practice locking the wheel and riding in a forward position before pressing your weight back to put pressure on the skid.

Cheap, lightweight, and good to go

Like the other Upanbike handlebars on this list, these are made from the same high quality 6061 Aluminum alloy that the big name brands use.

With these handlebars, you save money without sacrificing anything but a bit of weight.

Modern Upturned Handlebars For Urban Riding

Ergonomic Design

For my money, Bullhorns are some of the most comfortable types of fixie handlebars out there. You can comfortably skid, sprint, or cruise!

6061 Aluminum

Like most modern handlebars, these are made from ultra-durable Aluminum alloy which provides bang for your buck.

Designed For Fixies

Specifically designed for Fixed gear riding styles and offering a multitude of hand positions + break mounts!

5. Cinelli Pepper Fixie Handlebars

Spiffy riser fixie handlebars from Legendary company Cinelli.

Cinelli Pepper fixie riser handlebars on a white background, showing off the product for a list of the 5 best fixie handlebars.

The one. The only. Cino Cinelli.

Named for that legendary Italian cyclist, these handlebars live up to the name. Of course chino probably never even knew what “risers” were but these offer all the style and quality features you’d expect from one of the world’s top cycling brands.

Compact and stylish

In addition to the gorgeous attention to detail, these fixie handlebars show off the prime brand in a prominent place so everyone will know you’re rolling deep. They also have that high-quality feel you’d expect from a premium brand.

On the functional side of things, Cinelli Pepper Riser Bars are compact and responsive, meaning it’s easy to dart between cars or just practice tricks in a parking lot.

Make sure you like riser bars before buying

When I ran riser bars on my fixie, the only complaint I had was the restricted riding positions. I wouldn’t take these on a long tour. They’re definitely better for commutes or zipping around the city.

Since you’ll probably want to put grips on the ends of these, those are pretty much the only hand positions you will have.

On the bright side, that means plenty of space for a brake or 2 if you like to ride that way.

Amazing for tricking and skidding

There’s no topping riser bars when it comes to tricks and skids. Since they’re so compact and narrow you can easily throw your leg over for an over-the-handlebar skid. Barspins will also be comfortable.

They don’t quite have the tight, precise control that wider bars do, but sharp manoeuvring is much easier on risers than pista or drop bars.

Style & Function, All in 1 Fixie Handlebar

240 Gram Weight

At 240g. these fixie handlebars are by far the lightest on this list. The only way to go lighter is buying carbon fiber.

Version 2 Design

An update on the original design, this version features more ergonomic improvements at lower weight.

Impeccable Style

There’s no beating the branding and reputation of Cinelli when it comes to style. These fixie handlebars are sure to turn heads.

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