In a rush to buy a wheelset? You can compare the State Cycle Deep V Wheelset on Amazon. Otherwise, stick around to read the full Restrospec Fixie Wheels review.

State Cycle Co. Deep V Wheel Review Summary

These middle-of-the-road fixie wheels go for about $170 all in and live up to the State Cycle Co. Brand.

Well known for their eclectic style and long-standing dedication to fixie culture, State Cycle’s core line of products are fixie bikes and related components.

You can bet they stay true to their nature on these deep v wheels. Including everything you need to get rolling, this wheelset is a great upgrade from stock parts or a great set of wheels for a new build.

The State deep v is a dependable work horse of a wheel, but it’s nothing flashy. If you’re looking for a really cheap wheel, try Alexrims or something by Vuelta instead. They’re both good starter wheels.

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On the other hand, don’t expect to be saving weight or winning criterium races on these wheels. They’re built for everyday use, not performance athletics.

A black fixed gear bike with the State Cycle Deep V wheels, showing off how the product looks on a bike.

State Cycle Wheel Pros + Cons

– Stylish 40mm Deep V rim depth– Only available in 2 colours (red and white)
– Built for track bikes– 1-year warranty only applies to complete bikes
– Relatively lightweight at about ~3 lbs. per wheel
– Optional machine sidewall for breaking surface

State Cycle Deep V Wheels Features

Deep V Wheels have been around and popular since the early 2000’s. That’s when fixies made a real splash on the bike scene. A lot has changed sine then, and these Deep V’s are lighter and have more to offer than the wheels that were popular in those days.

Here’s an overview, but you can read an in-depth analysis of the features down below.

Deep V Design

The thick deep-V design not only looks cool but adds durability to create a wheel you can really count on

Lightweight Alloy

Lightweight alloy makes for a dependable ride without too much additional weight.

Flip-Flop Hub

Flip between single speed and fixed gear in minutes thanks to laced hubs which include threads for both types of cogs.

State Cycle Rims & Weight

Deep V rims usually aren’t for everyone, mostly because the 40mm rims are a bit heavier than their thinner counterparts.

Until recently, riders have had to deal with the extra weight if they wanted the durability of a thicker rim. With advances in material science, you can get even more durability without pilling on the pounds.

If you do end up going with these wheels, just remember you need a longer presta valve on your tubes to extend through the 40mm rim.

An up close profile view of the State Cycle Deep V rims, showing off the thicker 40mm rims for a review of the wheelset.
The thicker profile of the State Cycle Co rims provide more durability without too much extra weight.

Durable Nylon Strap

Inside the rims you’ll find a high-quality nylon rim strap to protect the inner tube from scrapes or punctures.

This feature comes in especially handy if you do a lot of skidding or aggressive riding. It keeps the tube safe from the spokes when switching tubes or heavy impact.

Sealed Bearing Hubs

Sealed bearings are practically universal on modern bikes. Since they’re sealed, you’ll need to replace them if they get damaged. Luckily they aren’t too expensive if you know how to get the job done yourself.

The big advantage with sealed hubs is how easy it is to switch from fixed to single speed.

Flip Flop Fixed Gear/ Single Speed Rear Hub

Riding fixed isn’t for everyone, but single-speed bikes are comfortable, lightweight, and low maintenance.

Swap to the single-speed if you’re in the mood for a more leisurely ride or if you just can’t get used to fixed gear riding.

All you’ll need is a wrench and some good soap to clean your hands after you’re done. Just make sure to tension the chain properly each time you switch.

Created Just For Fixies

A lot of wheels will work on a fixie but aren’t designed for it. The most common problem with these is lower durability. Fixed gear riding is more demanding, both of you and your bike.

Buying a wheelset which is created expressly for the purpose of fixie riding gives you the confidence to rip through traffic and bomb hills without wondering how those spokes are holding up.

Added durability also means heavier riders won’t have to sweat breaking their wheels.

Other State Cycle Deep V Wheels Reviews

Don’t take my word for it, read what others are saying about these fixie wheels. It’s always good to get a second opinion

Checking out other online reviews can also alert you to any potential issues with customer service, shipping, and other headaches.

The Run Down on State Cycle’s Deep V Wheelset

If you don’t make this purchase hoping for top-of-the-line track hardware, you won’t be disappointed.

These may be the best wheels on the market when it comes to pound-for-pound value. Thanks to the thicker 40-mm rims, they’re sure to offer a long working life, even for heavier riders.

This Deep V profile also creates the distinct and highly-sought-after fixie look. The only shortcoming of these rims is that they’re only available in 2 colours.

Good luck and happy riding.

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