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Retrospec Fixie Saddle Overview

The Retrospec Fixie Saddle is great starter fixie saddle if you’re building up a bike on a budget, or you need a replacement in a pinch.

Just don’t expect a piece of light-weight, high performance race hardware. If you’re looking for a performance-grade saddle and you have at least $100 to spend, consider something like a Fizik Saddle.

What you will get with the Retrospec Fixie Saddle is a dependable, inexpensive fixie saddle with plenty of padding made by a well-respected company.

The Retrospec Fixie Saddle’s most controversial feature is the padding. Some riders love it, others can’t stand it.

On the other hand, the long saddle rails are universally loved. Since the saddle rails are longer, there’s a wider range of positions you can set the saddle to.

This versatility helps you achieve the perfect riding position to keep your rear comfortable.

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Retrospec Fixie Saddle: Pros + Cons

Urban style ideal for fixiesSynthetic material
Relatively low price pointSome customers report too much padding
Fits all kind of seat posts
Padded for added comfort
Available in 8 colours

Retrospec Fixie Saddle Features

The Retrospec Fixie Saddle offers great value if you’re on a budget and don’t want to skimp on features. Most riders love the extra long saddle rails for a more custom fit and the variety of bright colours the saddle comes in.

Nearly Universal Fit

This saddle will fit almost any seatpost regardless of what type of fixie you ride

Padded Cushion

If you like a stiff saddle, this one isn’t for you. Retrospec’s saddles are made with built-in padding for added comfort

Sleek Urban Shape

A classic road-bike shape is ideal for the type of aggressive urban riding that fixie riders love

Retrospec Fixie Saddle Padding

This saddle has compact padding to make long rides more pleasant. If you prefer a properly stiff ride, consider a different saddle.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a gel saddle which interferes with ergonomics or restricts your range of motion. It’s got just enough padding to keep your sit bones comfy without making you feel like your ass is swimming in foam.

Long Mounting Rails

One of the biggest draw backs I’ve personally experienced with saddles has been long mounting rails. Retrospec’s Fixie Saddle doesn’t have that problem.

An image of the blue Retrospec Fixie Saddle taken from the side, showing off the long mounting rails for a Retrospec fixie saddle review.

Unless your bike frame, standover height, and cockpit are all perfectly calibrated to your body, you’ll want a bit of breathing room to adjust your saddle.


While this is no Brooks Leather saddle that lasts generations, the Retrospec Fixie Saddle is fairly durable as far as cheap fixie saddles go. At least for the price.

Riding a century, doing lots of tricks, or just generally using it extensively is going to wear the saddle down. Fraying or tears on the top of the saddle are the most likely issues to arise.

The rails and hardware on the underside are metal and you’re not likely to run into problems with them.

This saddle will probably last for years for commuters and casual riders. Die hard fixie riders will probably have designs for buying a flashier saddle anyway.

Nearly Universal Compatibility

No need to worry about whether this saddle will fit your bike. Unless your seatpost is extremely wide or thin, this baby will fit nicely.

Universal compatibility makes it a nice go-to for old road bikes converted into single speed or fixed gear bikes. It’s also easy to remove/replace in case you have to lock it up where you’re worried it might be stolen.

Rear view of the Retrospec fixie saddle on a converted road bike, showing off how versatile the saddle is for a Retrospec Fixie Saddle review.
The Retrospec fixie saddle fits most seat posts, even the old one on this 80’s road bike conversion fixie.

Created Just For Fixies

A sleek, road-ready profile does more than score points in the style department. The aggressive saddle shape make the urban riding style fixies are so well known for come more naturally.

The slim profile also reduces the changes of snagging the saddle if you are getting creative with your skids. Brushing the saddle with my leg has always been a fear of mine when trying an over-the-handlebars or through-the-frame skid.

Other Retrospec Fixie Saddle Reviews

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Plenty of other riders have already shared their experiences with this saddle online to help you make your decision.

Whether you’re comparing options or prefer to read more real-world experiences with a product before you buy it, consulting online reviews can be a helpful tool in making a buying decision.

The Run Down on the Retrospec Fixie Saddle

So, is Retrospec’s Fixie Saddle a good buy?

It is if you’re looking for a cheap option that will either make you fall in love, or simply tie you over until you decide to switch.

It’s hard to hate such a simple saddle, and unless you are militantly opposed to some slight padding you’ll probably get along fine with this piece of bike hardware.

Great reasons to buy include the extra-long mounting rails, low price point, and no-frills design. If you care about colour selection, that’s a nice perk here, too.

In terms of reasons to avoid this saddle, don’t buy if you’re looking for performance-grade bike components or if you are completely opposed to padding of any kind.

Retrospec Fixie Saddle Not Right For You?

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The saddles on that list are a little pricier but when you consider that most of your body’s weight is resting on the saddle it might be worth dropping a bit more to get a comfortable ride.

There’s also the question of how cycling affects male fertility which you may want to be aware of.

Just sayin’.

Good luck and happy riding.

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