In a rush to get fixie cranks for your ride? Compare Retrospec fixie cranks to similar fixie cranks on Amazon.

Retrospec Fixie Cranks Overview

Retrospec’s fixie cranks are a great starter fixie crankset, ideal for casual riders and commuters. 

Although Retrospec’s cranks will do nicely for casual use – especially for the low price tag – track riders looking for heavy-duty components should consider something more performance-oriented, like Omnium cranks. 

An image of the blue version of the retrospec cranks intended to show off the components for a retrospec fixie cranks review

Pros & Cons of the Retrospec Fixie Cranks

•Universal fit for pedals
•11 available colours
•Reliable & lightweight
•Fits any chain
•Includes chainring
•Good value for the price
•Different chainring options
•Not high-performance
•170mm crank arm (some riders like them shorter)
•Doesn’t come with a Bottom Bracket

Retrospec Fixie Crank Features

How many features can a crankset really have? Quite a few, it turns out. At least for a solid chunk of metal.

We’ll briefly run you through the main features which put this crankset above others in the price range. 

Retrospec Crank Features

Single Plateau Teeth

Single-plateau teeth on the chainring make these cranks compatible with virtually any chain. I recommend a heavier chain, but if you ride gently go ahead and use another

170 mm Arm Length

Average crank arm length to suit fixie riding. If they’re too long, you’ll strike the ground on a turn. Too short and you’ll have trouble getting up to speed

44T, 46T, or 48T Chainrings

Choose the chainring which suits your style. This fixie crankset is available in 3 sizes to choose from so you can find the perfect ratio for you

Colour Customization

Style is key to any fixie, so choose from 11 available colours to find one that suits your ride


Suitable for both single speed & fixed gear bikes, ideal for use with flip flop hubs

Forged Aluminum Crank Arm

Lightweight aluminum provides stiffness and strength without too much extra weight

Retrospec Mantra Fixie Cranks Review

Improving on their original version of the Mantra Crankset, Retrospec has introduce new features like denser alloy and a steel chainring. 

This new and improved version solves some of the issues people had with previous versions of the crankset and makes for a smoother ride.

The updated version is denser but still light thanks to a new aluminum alloy they’re using. A steel chainring makes sure the direct drive preserves pedaling power and the chain doesn’t wear down the cog so quickly. 

Other Retrospec products which have the Mantra name include the Mantra wheelset, and these fixie cranks have similar quality and durability. You can pick those up here.

Low maintenance is a key feature of any fixie bike, and this crankset fits that profile. Once it’s installed properly, it should provide a consistently smooth riding experience. 

Retrospec has a reputation for providing solid entry-level fixie bikes and components for reasonable prices. 

An image of the retrospec fixie cranks installed on an orange bike intended to show off the crankset for a retrospec fixie cranks review
The retrospec mantra fixie cranks installed on a bike

The entire Retrospec Mantra line – everything from the V2 Fixie to the wheels – carry through this value-oriented philosophy. 

The same goes for this crankset. 

It’s not a specialized piece of hardware, but it will serve the needs of commuters and casual riders. For the price tag, there’s not much to complain about. 

That price depends on which size you choose and whether you choose out of the 3 options. Whichever size you do choose, you can pick it up for about $40 USD. 

Not bad considering some chainrings alone will run you that much. 

Your Mantra fixie cranks will be compatible with virtually any type of pedal, whether its clipless or a platform pedal. 

Just be aware that this product doesn’t come with a bottom bracket, so you’ll have to use your current BB. 

I wouldn’t pick this product for my dream bike, but it’s certainly a good choice for a fun beater or ridearound bike. 

Some riders have reported an issue with the threads stripping, although there’s no way to tell whether they just didn’t handle the installation properly. Threading is notoriously unforgiving when it comes to making mistakes. One slip and the part is junk. 

Personally, I find the crank arm slightly too long. That’s just because of my aggressively fast brakeless riding style. It should do nicely for any fixie rider running brakes. 

The range of colour options available is a nice bonus in itself. Some find loud colours like pink and green obnoxious, but those people can just by the classic silver or black option. 

Retrospec Fixie Cranks Recommendation?

Retrospec’s Mantra fixie cranks are ~$45 well spent if you’re looking for a cheap replacement part. If you buy them on Amazon you even get FREE shipping, even without Prime

Like with any low cost component, there’s a risk you’ll be disappointed if you don’t know what your getting yourself into. 

Don’t buy these fixie cranks if you’re hoping to get high-performance track bike components. Those will run you much more than what these cranks cost. There’s no getting around paying higher prices for professional quality. 

If you’re happy with components for casual use, these could be right for you. 

Other Retrospec Fixie Cranks Reviews

Want to read what other riders had to say about the Mantra fixie cranks?

You can find plenty more rider reviews on Amazon.

You’ll see all types of reviews ranging from “amazing” to “not worth it,” although as I mentioned it’s tough to tell if those bad experiences are all the cranksets fault. 

Good luck with your quest for new fixie cranks and happy riding. 

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