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Best Wide Fixie Riser Bars? RaceFace Atlas Wide Riser Bars Overview

If you’re looking for the best Fixie riser bars for your bike, the RaceFace Atlas wide handlebars are definitely worth the money. 

They’re not the cheapest riser handlebars on the market, but you get a lot of quality for the price. The value is simply tremendous. 

They’re technically designed for mountain bikes, but that just means they’re more than capable of handling the demands of urban fixie riding. These riser bars are perfect for intense riding. 

All of their tremendous features come at a mere 300 grams of weight. They’re also pretty stylish, if that’s your thing. 

Wide bars are all the rage right now in the fixie community, and these have a really cool flaked metallic finish that take the aesthetic even further. 

If they’re too wide, cutting them down to size is easy. Cutting guides are painted right on them, so you know the cut will be exact. 

RaceFace Atlas Wide Riser Bars Pros & Cons

– Tremendous material quality– Very wide, but you can cut them thanks to a handy guide
– Sturdy with no flex – Only compatible with 31.8 mm stem
– Fit virtually any grips
– Available in 5 sizes + different riser heights
– Lightweight yet durable

RaceFace Atlas Wide Fixie Handlebars Features

For such a simple product, the RaceFace Atlas Rise bars have quite a wide range of features. 

Easy Installation

Switching the handlebars in is easy. All you need is an allen key and a few minutes. 

Stylish Appearance

The taper, colour, and polished sheen of these riser bars make them a nice visual accent to any fixie. Visual appeal is a big part of fixie culture and these handlebars deliver, especially since wide bars are popular right now. 

Customize The Width

They come very wide, but you can easily cut them down to size. Handy cutting guides let you see where to cut for the desired size at a glance. After that, you can saw them with an ordinary hand saw or other cutting tool. Just make sure not to damage the handlebars if you put them in a vice. Gripping the handlebars by the side you are cutting is an easy was to eliminate the possibility of permanent damage. 

Good Compatibility

They are compatible with just about any standard grips and most stems. Swap in the grips from your old handlebars or use just about any new set on the market. The stem is a bit on the wider side for urban bikes, but stems with 31 mm + grip will do nicely.

Wide Bars Create a Stable Stance

If you need stability, these risers are for you. Their width gives incredible control and handling, especially if you love doing tricks. You’ll feel secure and in complete control of the bike. Plus, they provide a range of different hand positions to keep you comfortable. 

Solid Construction

The quality of the manufacturing material makes these riser bars worth every penny. They’re manufactured from a cold-drawn seamless air alloy that provides a slick look, great feeling, and exceptional durability. 

Style Points

Wide bars are in. These risers are wide. You do the math. If you care about style, these fixie risers don’t slack. 

Colour Options

You can get them in 6 different colours, and they all come with a cool metallic flake finish that gives them a nice sharp sheen. They’re head turners for sure. 

Great Weight

For an alloy, the riser bars are extremely light. At just over 300 g. they will make your bike feel even more responsive. 

Ultra Strong

Although they’re light, these handlebars still feel solid and can take some punishment. That’s thanks to an internal taper which increases strength and durability without adding weight. 

New Design

These are wider and lower thanks to their modern design. The resulting lower cockpit height makes for easier leverage on the pedals when you get out of the saddle. Plus it provides plenty of clearance for skids and tricks. 

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If you need stylish, sturdy wide fixie risers that can take a beating and still hold up, you need the RaceFace Atlas Wide Riser bars. 

For the price, you get terrific value. These are the kind of handlebars you’ll be proud to own. You might even buy a second set for your next bike, they’re that good. 

The only real downside is that they’re a bit on the thick side where they connect to the stem. You might need to buy a new stem to accommodate them, but for many people it’s worth the extra cost. 

You can also consult our article about how to pick the best handlebars for your fixie if you’re not sure that risers are right for you. 


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