If you’re in a rush you can compare the Pure Fix Fixie on Amazon. Otherwise, you can read the more in-depth Pure Fix Fixie Review below. 

Pure Fix Fixie Overview

Simple, efficient, and value-oriented is the best way to describe this bike. If you’re looking for something solid and not too flashy, the Pure Fix Fixie bike is a good option for you. In a word, it’s convenient. 

Quality components and construction make it the ultimate choice for leisure riders and commuters looking for a simple, dependable bike. 

They are not high-performance machines but are more than durable and reliable enough for all of your commuting needs, year after year. 

Although it’s a practical bike, it doesn’t sacrifice on style. It’s available in a wide range of colour combinations. Customize according to your sense of style!

A side view of the pure fix fixie intended to show off the bike for the pure fix fixie review

• Comfortable gear ratio + flip-flop hub
• Brake pads will wear out quicker than most, but replacing them is cheap
• Strong steel frame & durable Deep-V wheels
• Saddle could be more comfortable. Not great for long distance but fine for urban commutes
• Inexpensive & great value for the price
• Lifetime warranty on the frame (rare)
• 1-year component warranty

The Pure Fix Fixie Review

Looking for value? Want a bike that is cheap but won’t fall apart after your first month of riding? Pure Cycles’s Fixie is a solid option. 

It’s got brand name components, a tremendous warranty, and the company has a reputation for quality. 

If you’re looking for a speed-demon track bike, this isn’t it. It’s more of an urban fixie commuter. What it does, it does well. 

Low maintenance and simplicity are the best features of this bike. It’s ideally suited for students who want a simple way to get to class, casual riders looking for a leisure bike, and 

An image of the pure fix fixie bike leaning on a tennis net in the sunset

One of my favourite features of the bike is the geometry. It rides like something between a road bike and a hybrid. It’s more comfortable for long rides and isn’t too demanding on the user. 

Another highlight is the weight. Without skimping on quality, Pure Cycles has managed to make a fixie that feels light yet solid.

Pure Fix Fixie Features

Flip Flop Hub

Easily switch between fixed gear and single-sleep with just a wrench. All you have to to is flip the rear wheel and you’re good to ride.

Brand Name Components

The Pure Fix Fixie comes with almost exclusively brand name components. That extra quality goes a long way in making the bike dependable and increasing its working life.

Amazing Warranty

Your Pure Fix Fixie frame comes with a LIFETIME warranty. That’s unheard of for the price. Plus, the rest of the bike comes with a 1-year warranty.


Customize the look and style of your fixie when you buy online. You can customize both colours and components.

Deep V Wheels

When it comes to combining light-weight and durability, Deep V rims do it best. They’re thick enough to be strong without adding too much weight.

Affordable Pricing

The Pure Fix Fixie offers some of the best value of any starter fixie. Ever. You’ll be hard pressed to find a bike this high quality for the price.

Specifications & Features of The Pure Fix Fixie

The Pure Fix Fixie has a number of features which make it ideally suited for casual and experienced riders alike. 

Switch From Fixed to Single Speed

An image of the drive train of a Pure Fix Fixie intended to show the flip flop hub for the fixie review
The flip-flop hub makes it easy to switch from single-speed to fixe gear.

Transform your bike from a fixie to a single-speed with coasting-capability by simply flipping the bike around. All you need is a standard wrench and a few minutes, because the bike comes with a rear wheel that does both. The Pure Fix Fixie gives you the option to bomb around on a fixie, cruise around comfortably, or do a longer tour.

Stylish Look

The fixie is as classic in appearance as bikes get. This particular fixie had a neutral geometry which is comfortable and practical but looks cool on the street. As mentioned above, you get to add a personal touch to your bike by customizing the colour palette of different components. 


For the style-conscious, Pure Fix offers numerous customization options. You get a choice between styles, colours, compatible accessories, and components like saddles, handlebars, water-bottle holders, and more. For the base model, you can customize the colour of most components including the frame, rims, grips, wheels, and more. Customization can go a long way in making you feel like you have a bike that is truly your own, bringing a bit of personality to your new ride. 

An image of all the different pure fix customization options intended to showcase the appearance for the pure fix fixie review.
All of the colour variations you can choose from at no extra cost.

Brand Name Components

Not every budget fixie has brand-name parts. But this one sure does.

Some of the brand name components are the WTB Thickslick Tires, KMC Chain, and Wellgo Pedals, to name a few. Plus, if you ever want to switch out some parts the sizing is all standard, so upgrading will be a breeze. 


Low price doesn’t mean low quality. For about $399 you can get yourself a solid bike that will stand the test of time. It’s certainly much better than a budget bike from Walmart, Target, or a similar retail chain. Price depends on which size you choose and customizing costs a bit extra. 

Customer Services

It’s hard to find a bad word about Pure Cycles. The bike might not be for everyone, but the company is second to none when it comes to serving customers. That includes covering warranty, answering questions, and providing responding to customers. They stand behind everything they do, and they do it well. 


The warranty is one of the highlights of this bike, especially for the price. A lifetime warranty on the frame and a 1-year component warranty are possibly the best bike warranties you can find on the market. They also tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the quality of these bikes and their parts. 

Why Is The Pure Fix Fixie So Cheap?

Pure Cycles offers bikes straight from the manufacturer. That means no middlemen to jack up the price of the bike. 

You get more bike for your buck, basically. The company also claims that these supply logistics allow them to sell bikes that are cheap without sacrificing on parts quality. 

Pure Fix Cycles Review

Pure Cycles has a reputation for Quality. It’s a fixture on the fixed gear scene. They deal especially with fixies, and that dedication comes through in their bikes. 

They claim this bike is the epitome of their fixed gear products. It’s what the brand is all about. Fixed gear in its purest form. 

That being said, the bike isn’t only for fixie purists. It comes with a flip flop hub and brakes, so even casual riders and fixie first timers can take advantage of it. 

Other Pure Fix Fixie Reviews

The Pure Fix Fixie demonstrates that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a great fixie.

Customer testimonials are a great way to get a comprehensive understanding of your experience might be like with the bike. 

Pure Fix Fixie Review Conclusion

If you’re an urban cyclist looking for a new ride or your first fixie bike, the Pure Fix Fixie should definitely be on your short list.

In addition to the tremendous value and brand-name components, Pure Cycles offers some of the best warranties anywhere.

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