Do You Park In The Bike Lane?

What is the bike lane other than just more space for the masters of the road?

Now motorists can wear their dominance over the road as a badge of honour with this “I Park In The Bike Lane” sticker! Attach this beauty to your bumper and those pesky cyclist will know who’s boss.

Don’t mind their inconvenience. They’re just greedy, looking to take more space from the people who own the road.

Bike Lanes Save Lives

All jokes aside, the war between cyclists and motorists has been going on since the two have shared the streets, and I’m really stretching the word “Shared” here.

What’s not funny is how dangerous urban cycling is. Collisions with a motor vehicle make up 73% of fatal cycling events and more than 5 out of 10 of these occur in urban areas. Over half of cycling fatalities occur during rush hour.

Those stats make sharing the road more than a petty disagreement between two groups of urban road users.

Cyclists deserve their fair share of the road. Everyone pays their taxes, so everyone should get to use the road regardless of their vehicles as long as it’s legal.

What’s so staggering is that most of the time I see people parked in bike lanes, they’re doing something completely pointless. Idling, waiting, texting. Usually it’s texting.

Rarely I’ll see someone parked in the bike lane to help an older person out of the car so they don’t have to walk.

What’s worse is that there’s no law against parking in the bike lane. Where I live, it’s perfectly legal to park in the bike lane to make your life slightly more convenient while putting lives at risk. Just as long as you turn on the emergency lights.

“I Park In The Bike Lane” Stickers

What can one do? Not much.

That’s why I created this sticker design.

Most of the time, if you draw a drivers attention to the fact they shouldn’t be parked there all you’ll get is an earful of anti-cycling vitriol.

In the unlikely event police are present, all they can do is tell the driver to move along. There is zero accountability for the driver.

Until now. Of course, I would never suggest defacing people’s cars by slapping this sticker on them. I’m just here to provide the design for download for you to do with it as you see fit.

Click below to download the .png file.

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