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Kent Thruster Fixie Bike Review Summary

How much bike can you get for $100? Quite a bit, it turns out. 

The Kent Thruster isn’t the best bike out there. It’s not the best looking either, but for 100 bucks it might just be the right bike for you. 

If a cheap commuter is all you’re looking for, The Kent Thruster Fixie is all you need. More demanding riders should keep looking. Check out our 5 cheap fixies you can buy online article for bikes that are still cheap but offer a bit more value. 

The Kent Thruster will get you to and from work or class reliably. That’s the best thing I can say about it. If you’re on a really tight budget, it’s worth considering. 

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Kent Thruster Fixie Bike Pros + Cons

Very low priceNot the highest quality components
Steel frame and forkFewer colour options
Front + rear alloy brakes
Easy assembly

Kent Thruster Fixie Bike Features

For what it’s worth, this bike does have a few good features. You can forgive a lot in a cheap bike if it gets you from A to B reliably.

These features help make that happen. 

Steel frame Steel Fork

For durability and a comfortable ride, there’s no substitute for steel. Unlike aluminum, which is much stiffer, steel isn’t likely to break and makes your ride just a bit more comfortable. 

The added comfort comes with a bit more weight, but it’s a good weight for the price. 

Includes Flip Flop Hub

Switch between fixed gear and single-speed in just a few minutes by flipping the wheel around. The hub comes with both a freewheel and fixed gear cog, so you don’t even have to buy any extra parts. 

Alloy Brakes Front and Rear

Brakes are critical to any bike, and the Kent Thruster comes with a set of front and back alloy brakes that can stop you on a dime. 

Alloy is lightweight and durable, so these essential components will be long lasting and won’t require much maintenance. 

700C Alloy Rims Steel 

Your bikes rims keep you rolling, and the Kent Thruster comes with a pair of 700c track wheels that combine slick aesthetic with strength.

These wheels should stay straight, even for heavier commuters. They’re not too thick either, so that durability doesn’t come with much extra weight. 

Riser Stem

The handlebar stem which comes packaged with the Kent Thruster can accommodate almost any type of handlebar. 

It comes with riser bars, and the slight upwards bend in the stem delivers more leverage and provides a comfortable riding position. 

Full-protection Chain Guard

The Kent Thruster comes with a full chain guard over the top of the chain. It keeps your pant leg from getting caught in the chain and keeps dirt, debris, and rain from getting the chain dirty. 

This feature goes far in keeping your bike low maintenance and your chain running smoothly. 

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The Ken Thruster Fixie Bike is about the best you can expect to get for a $100 bike. 

Obviously, you won’t be getting a high-performance machine. However, you can expect a bike that gets you from A to B if you don’t mistreat it too much. 

If you’re expecting more than $100 worth of bike you’ll be disappointed, but if you are realistic about your expectations this bike should do the trick. 

It’s a budget bike. There’s not much more to it than that. 

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