If you’re still considering options you can compare the Fyxation fixie pedals to similar fixie pedals on Amazon.

Fyxation Fixie Pedals Overview

This classic BMX style pedal & strap combo is user-friendly and secure for both urban commuting and tricking. 

Once you install the strap it holds its shape and doesn’t need to be adjusted. The whole assembly is compatible with most cranks so installation shouldn’t be an issue. 

The straps are a little pricier than some other sets available, but they’re sturdy, durable, and provide good grip. In my opinion, spending a bit more on adequate foot retention is a sensible decision, especially if you ride brakeless. 

An image of the fyxation fixe pedals and straps in black, intended to show off the product for a Fyxation Pedals & Straps Review

Pros & Cons of the Fyxation Fixie Pedals

•Safe, comfortable, durable•Cheaper if you buy them together
•Good for all riding styles •Must buy separately if you want a certain colour combo
•Wide-body platform
•Straps are on the pricier side
•Easy to install & adjust
•Straps keep shape well
•Under 600 g. (with straps)

Fyxation Pedals – With or Without The Straps?

There’s a few different buying options for the Fyxation Gates Pedal depending on your needs. There’s also a slim version of the pedal available for a few dollars more.

In any case, you can buy the pedals and straps separately or a combination of pedals and straps. 

Buying the combo offers a slight discount on price. However, colour options are limited for some reason. 

The Fyxation straps themselves are only available in 2 colours – black and black with white trim – although I’m not sure if you’d want white trim.

They might look cool at first, but unless the bike is going to be a showpiece they’ll turn black soon enough from general use.  

You can find the Fyxation Gates Pedals & Straps Combo here.

Here are just the Fyxation Gates Pedals, with the option to choose from 4 different colours.

Finally, you can buy the straps themselves and choose from 2 different colour variations. 

Fyxation Features

Fyxation straps and Gates pedals have a number of combined features which make them a worthwhile buy. 

Some features are BMX-inspired, but most are practical details which make this the most popular Fyxation pedal available. 

Fyxation Fixie Pedals Features


They Fyxation Gates pedals are compatible with virtually all cranks and other foot retention systems. 

Rugged Quality

Foot retention keeps you on your fixie, and the nylon straps and the wide body pedals give you plenty of it. 

Wide Platform

A wide BMX-inspired makes catching the pedal easy and gives you plenty of stability for pedaling. 

Good Grip

Studs are placed strategically along the pedal to give you plenty of grip, plus the texture of the pedal itself adds additional traction.


If wear and tear wears down the bearings, you can take the pedal apart and replace the bearings to make it good as new. 


Light but durable plastic doesn’t add much extra weight to your ride without sacrificing quality. 

Fyxation Pedals Review

Are Fyxation’s Gates Pedals & Straps a good buy? 

They’re certainly one of the better options if you’re looking for a set of pedals for an urban bike or commuter. 

They aren’t the cheapest straps, but you’ll know where that extra money went once you start riding with Fyxations. 

At least the value comes through in every detail of these straps – from the quality of the pedals themselves to the durability of the straps.

Long Lasting, Durable Fixie Pedals & Straps

What really makes them a good option in my opinion is that you can replace the bearings if they wear down. I like to repair whenever I can instead of buying new, and these pedals fill that need. 

That being said, this product’s hardware is long-lasting.

You probably won’t need to buy pedals for several years thanks to that feature.

Slipping in and out of the straps is easy since they keep their form well. Getting out of straps is one of the main advantages straps provide over clip-in pedals, and these get that job done well. 

No clip-ins also means no need to wear special shoes wherever you ride. 

Set The Size Once & Never Worry About it Again

Another detail worth mentioning about the straps is that although they require a bit of adjustment to set up to fit your feet, once you’ve got them set they’ll accommodate most other shoes their size. 

Want to wear a different shoe than your normal riding shoes? No problem. There’s a bit of give to the Nylon so you won’t have to reset the velcro each time you switch shoes. 

Once you’ve been using them for a while, they’ll fit like a glove. The nylon will set in a form that’s comfortable and feels natural for you.  

Fyxation Pedals Recommendation

Fyxation’s pedal and strap combo provide enough value to justify the price. 

Any material that undergoes the rigour of urban bike riding will face some wear and tear over time. On average, straps last me 3 or 4 years. If you don’t ride brakeless, you’ll get even more mileage out of them.

The Fyxation pedals and straps are a worthwhile purchase for everyone short of a track rider. If you’re riding track you’re going to have clipless pedals anyway.

One downside is that the straps are a bit more expensive on their own. If it fits your needs, buy the straps and pedals together. 

If you just need the straps you can help offset a bit of the high price point by picking them up on Amazon. You even get FREE shipping, even without Prime

More Fyxation Pedals Reviews

Read what others are saying about the Fyxation Pedals review to help inform your decision. 

Practically all reviews mention the quality of the hardware, comfort of the straps, and the long-lasting durability of the whole set-up. 

The only real complaint I’ve found in other reviews is that the bearings don’t roll well. It’s the only time I’ve heard mention of this problem, so who knows whether someone just go a pedal that slipped past quality control.

Other Pedals & Straps

Fyxation’s straps a bit too expensive for you? No problem!

Just check out our list of 5 great fixie straps you can find online.

Fyxation’s straps are extra-durable, but your riding style might not be all that demanding. You can probably find another strap that will handle commuting just fine.

If you’re into more demanding styles of riding – like Fixed Gear Freestyle – you’ll want something on par with the Fyxation straps at least.


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