The Cheap Fixies On This List

Fixie Price
1. Schwinn Stites$
2. Pure Fix Orignal$$
3. Critical Cycles Harper$
4. Retrospec Mantra$$
5. State Cycle Co.$$

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Cheap Fixie Bike Reviews

So you’re looking for a cheap fixie bike.

Maybe you can’t go for your dream build right away. Maybe you aren’t sure if you are ready to commit to the fixie. Perhaps you’re just looking for a budget option.

No matter why you want a cheap fixie, you’ve already made a good choice looking online. Ordering a bike online is the cheapest way of getting a quality bike for less.

So here are 5 fixies you can buy online and get rolling.

Just remember, although these aren’t top of the line bikes they can get you started riding fixed. Although you CAN find cheaper bikes, at a certain price point the value just isn’t there. 

You’re better off springing a bit more to actually get some use out of your new bike. 

1. Schwinn Stites Single-Speed Fixie Bike

The “All Around Beater”

An image showing a man walking his Schwinn Stites Fixie down the street

Looking for a “do-it-all” urban commuting bike for all seasons? You’ve found it. 

This bike is all about the pure riding experience, not about the frills. 

It might not look like much, but it’s got it where it counts. It comes with both a fixed cog and freewheel on the flip-flop hub so you can switch it around as you please. 

You may not want to though, because the 46 tooth x 18 tooth drive train ratio provides for fluid, responsive pedaling. 

The good news for those who aren’t technically inclined is that it’s dead simple to build up and tune.

One of the best-touted features of this bike are the light yet durable high-profile rims. These can really take whatever urban beating you throw at them. 

An image of a man riding a Schwinn Stites cheap fixie down the road
The Schwinn looks right at home on the urban commute.

If something does happen to the bike, there is a limited lifetime warranty as long as you own the bike. 

The grips and saddle are nothing special, but they get the job done. 

Fun fact: this bike was built and named by Schwinn in honor of one of their employees who infamously rides a fixie commuter bike to work all year round. 

2. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike

“The Step Up”

An image of the pure fix fixie bike leaning on a tennis net in the sunset

Pure Cycles needs no introduction to fixie heads. The brand enjoys a reputation for affordable quality that you might not see in the velodrome but you’re sure to see on the street. 

Starting with the components, they’re mostly brand-name. 

Its high-tensile, tig-welded steel frame matches the deep dish 40mm wheels in terms of durability. This is a bike that’s built to last. Same goes for the Thick Slick Kenda tires and tubes, Oury grips & KMC Chain. 

At around 22 lbs. you definitely won’t feel too much strain climbing hills on this fixie. You can always switch to the freewheel on the other side of this flip flop hub. 

If you do switch to freewheel, the frame is drilled for brakes on both wheels and switching is easy.

Flip Flop hub on a cheap fixie
This flip flop hub is easy to flip and the setting bolt makes sure you always have the right chain tension.

Unfortunately the build doesn’t come with pedal straps, which you’ll want if you’re going to ride it as a fixie. The pedals also aren’t of the highest order, but the Pure Fix has it where it counts.

You can upgrade those components for a relatively low cost, making this bike a pretty good value.

3. Critical Cycles Harper Fixie Commuter

“The Casual” 

An image showing the Harper fixie in Toronto

Ideal for more casual riders, this bike preserves the frame geometry of a fixie bike but rides more like a cruiser.

This “cruising” style starts with the design for the frame. Its steel construction absorbs bumps without sacrificing durability.

The wheel sets are a bit lighter than other bikes on this list, although they are still deep-v’s and can handle all the cruising you can muster. 

The harper cycles cheap fixie in its packing material
This is what the fixie looks like out of the box. Just a few steps and you’ll have it on the road.

The Harper Fixie commuter also comes with two brakes, although be sure to align the brakes correctly when you build up the bike. The stock pads are fine, but they won’t last as long as higher quality brand-name pads.

On the plus side, all the tools you’ll need to build and maintain the bike come packaged with it. On the downside, if you want you switch out the handlebars you’ll have a hard time of it. 

The stem and fork are one piece, so it might be hard to find handle bars that fit. Hard, but not impossible. 

4. Retrospec Mantra V2

“The Beast”

An image showing the retrospec fixie bike leaning against a fence

It’s a little pricier than some of the other bikes on this list, but that higher price point pays off in quality. 

The Retrospec Mantra V2 fixie is hand-build with tig-welded “urban comfort” steel that sits at a happy medium of durability and comfort.

Once detail I like about this one is the sealed cartridge bearings on the flip-flop wheel hub. That means less dirt will get into the cracks, and that means less maintenance. 

Switch between fixie and freewheel at will, because the V2 comes with both front and back Pro Max brakes. 

Getting back to the wheel sets, they come equipped with Kenda Kwest commuter tires, a bit of a step up from some of the other fixies on the list. They also have the biggest rims on this list, coming in at 43 mm. That’s plenty of durability but a little bit more weight. 

An image of the saddle on the Retrospec Mantra V2 fixie, intended to show off components of the bike for a Retrospec Mantra V2 Fixie Review
Not the best saddle on this fixie, but it does the trick

The saddle and handlebar grips are a bit plastic-y, but you can forgive that for the rest of the value the bike provides. 

If you push your bike and ride hard, this is the bike for you.

5. State Cycle Co. Fixie 

“The Fixie”

An image of the state cycle fixie bike leaning against a wall

Another brand-name bike on the list, this fixie combines the quality of components with the style which would even satisfy a hipster. Each model is limited run, so your bike won’t be like all the others on the road.

State Cycle Co. built their brand on fixed gear. Since that’s all they do, they do it well. You can expect quality components and probably one of the more stylish budget frames you can find.  

Although it’s not the cheapest bike on this list, the bit of extra cost pays off in every category.

The value comes through in every part of the bike, from the 4130 Chromoly hi-tensile steel to sealed bottom bracket. 

The manufacturer’s warranty isn’t the best out there, but they offer a year’s warranty against defects. 

Nice bullhorns…

Finally, this bike has a nice touch in the bullhorn handlebars. These will suit your style if you are more of an aggressive rider as opposed to a casual cruiser. 

Note: You can also get a slightly cheaper State Cycle Co. Fixie from their core line. It even comes with a 5-year warranty!


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