Find The Best Fixie Pedal Straps For You

If you’re in a rush, you can quickly and easily compare these pedals on Amazon.

Foot retention. It’s not the coolest part of a fixie but if you want to do skids, tricks, or get the most out of your bike, finding the best fixie pedal straps is going to be something you need to consider. 

Whether you’re building up your first fixie, doing a conversion, or just want new straps I’ve got you covered with the best fixie pedal straps on the market. 

Picking The Best Type Of Strap For A Fixie Bike

Before you make a buying decision you’ll need to decide which straps are best for you. That depends on your style of riding. 

Are you a track star at the velodrome or an urban fixie rider dartint between cars in the city? If you’re not using clipless pedals (confusingly name clipless even though you need special shoes to clip in) you have two main choices – straps or cages.

The 2 Main Types of Fixie Pedal Straps

Fixie Straps

An example of fixie pedal straps to show what they look like.

The first are the thick bands of textile which cover your foot, leaving your toe exposed.

They’re durable and feel really solid under your feet. Buy a good pair and they’ll last for years.

For brakeless riding, fixed gear freestyle, or if you like doing any tricks, accept no substitute to pedal straps.

Fixie Toe Cages

The second are toe cages, which also have straps, but they’re much thinner and most of the foot retention comes from the metal of plastic cage your foot slips into. 

You may notice that most of the fixie straps on this list are the velcro type. I happen to find velcro more solid and reliable. 

Fixie toe cages to show what they look like.

Personal bias? Perhaps, but perhaps you also wouldn’t think so if you compare the two yourself. 

The pedal cages & straps combo are durable but rarely provide the same staying power as their velcro counterparts. Plus, you can’t adjust them as well. 

Velcro straps can be tightened and loosened any way you want, letting you slide your foot as deep or shallow as you want. This type of strap has cages, meaning there is a fixed depth. 

Another noteworthy point is that it’s harder to find compatible pedals. The pedals need holes drilled for the screws the cages require. 

Which Foot Retention Method To Pick?

If you have a commuter fixie or are a casual rider, pedal cages should suit your purposes just fine. For more aggressive riding, tricking, or if you’re running brakeless I would recommend straps. 

When they’re properly fitted they have a more solid feeling. There’s also more leverage for skids since you can rally jam your foot under the strap, unlike the cages which stop your foot. 

Whether you choose one or other type of pedal you can find some great recommendations below. 

I don’t recommend buying the cheapest option. Fixie pedal straps take a lot of wear and tear, so it’s worth buying a set that will last. Cheaping out could even be dangerous if they fail at a critical time, like when you need to stop suddenly. 

Make Sure Your Fixie Straps Fit Your Pedals!

Having the best fixie pedals on the market won’t do you much good if you can’t get them on the pedals. 

Double check that your straps will be compatible BEFORE you buy your fixie pedal straps. In most cases compatibility shouldn’t be a concern, but it’s better safe than sorry. 

1.Hold Fast FRS Bicycle Pedal Foot Retention Straps

The hold fast fixie pedal straps

If anyplace knows fixed gear, it’s Brooklyn, NY. That’s where these Hold Fast Fixie Pedal Straps are made. 

Their quality is right in the name – hold fast. You know when you get a product that just feels good in your hands? These feel that good. 

They’re made by State Cycle co. (a brand we’ve reviewed in another post about cheap fixies) and designed specifically for the rigours of fixie riding after the designers broke too many toe cages. 

Hold fast pedal straps are comfortable to slip in and out of and can be used with practically any footwear. The material is robust and heavy yet comfortable. 

Design for platform pedals and compatible with most types, these fixie straps even fit pedals with very small holes. You may need a bit of determination, though. 

2. Fyxation Fixie Pedal Straps

Fyxation straps are a little pricier, but like the Hold Fast fixie straps they’re built to last. Comfortable and secure, once you adjust the velcro to a size that fits you won’t need to adjust it again, unless you switched to a way bigger shoe.

Not only are they comfortable once you get your foot in, but they’re easy to slip in and out of without sacrificing foot retention. 

At a mere 590 g. For the pair, they won’t put much weight on your bike, either. 

They’re only available in black and won’t be winning and style points, but they get the job done.

Fyxation also offers another cheaper set of straps if you’re looking to save a bit of money. They’re not as solid and may wear out a bit sooner, but they’re still dependable.  

3. Power Grip Fixie Pedals Straps

I’ve included these on here for those of you who want value without too much weight. 

These are perhaps the best fixie pedal straps for the value. They ship with platform pedals included and all together weigh a mere 350 g. Each. 

You can also pick up the straps alone here.

Installation requires a standard wrench, and you’ll have the convenience of knowing the straps are designed specifically for the pedals. 

Unlike many of the other straps on the list these straps cross the pedal diagonally. Having this set-up is a matter of personal preference. One perk is you can choose whether you want more or less leverage and adjust your foot accordingly.

They’re on sale on amazon right now if you want to grab a pair. 

4. Origin8 Fixie Pedal Straps 

Did I save the best for last? Not necessarily, but these are a great pair of fixie straps, perhaps even the best fixie straps on this list. 

The solid construction comes courtesy of anti-slip tension design, heavy-duty commercial vinyl, double straps, and more. All hand-made in Toronto, Canada, so they’re ethically sourced, too.

Not only are they one of the most durable sets of fixie straps on the market, but you can get them in a few different patterns & colours.

If style is your thing, these may be for you. 

Like a good pair of shoes, these are more expensive but will last you a decade. 

5. VP Components Toe Clips

Polished steel construction and solid 100% leather straps make up these fixie toe cages from VP Components.

Since these straps are made of quite a bit of leather, you’re looking at a bit of a higher price tag. However, the durability of these straps are worth the price. 

One perk of cages is the stiffness of the leather and metal. No problems getting your feet in and out at intersections. 

These particular fixie toe cages have quite stiff leather, but you can soften it up with some oil or leather softener. 


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