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Fixie Tire BrandPrice Point
1. SRAM Courrier Crankset$$$
2. State Cycle Co. Fixie Cranks$
3. Vuelta Pista Track Crankset$
4. CYSKY Fixie Cranks$
5. Origin8 Pro Pulsion SS Crankset$$

If you’re having trouble deciding, you can compare the best fixie cranksets on Amazon.

What Length of Fixie Cranks Should I Buy For My Fixie?

165mm is the recommended crank arm length for fixie bikes. Any longer, and you run the risk of striking the ground with your pedal on turns. However, if you ride with brakes, 170mm might not be a bad option.

Since you can’t stop pedalling while you’re in motion on a fixie, even slight turns with a longer crank arm can end in a serious crash.

1. SRAM S300 Courier Crankset

A dependable workhorse crankset ideal for urban riders and commuters.

An image of the SRAM Courier Crankset on a bike, intended to show off the product for a review of the best fixie cranksets.

SRAM gained international attention when it came on the cycling scene in the late ‘80s with the grip shift gear change mechanism. Since then they’ve been supplying more than just gear shifters. 

SRAM provides high quality cycling components for all types of bikes, and their Fixie Cranksets are some of the best in the business.

The SRAM S300 Courier Crankset is at the top of the list of the best fixie cranksets, and not just when it comes to SRAM components. As an added bonus the SRAM S300 ships with its own bottom bracket, a standard 68 mm. English Threaded BB.

Terrific Value, Tremendous Quality

At just over $100, you get a Bottom Bracket, chainring, and one of the best fixie cranksets on the market. It might not be the lightest component or suitable for riding in the velodrome, but you can’t miss with these cranks for urban riding.

It’s really 3 components for the price of 1.

If you’re building a new bike, you’ve practically bought half of your components with 1 purchase. If you’re just upgrading, you’ll have spare parts lying around for another build or a replacement.

The Downside?

One slight drawback to this crankset is that the chainring nuts/bolts are really hard to take out. If you want to replace the chainring, taking them off the cranks is going to be a pain.

It can be done, but you may have to do some drilling to break the bolts, which you’ll need to replace.

You can complete the task with common household tools (drill), but it’s still a bit of a pain. Buyer, be aware!

If you don’t want to buy the BB with the crankset, consider the Vuelta Pista Crankset (full review below).

SRAM Courrier Crankset

A great value crankset for workhorse bikes with plenty of value to boot.

Durable 6061 T6 Alloy

The SRAM courier cranks are made of a stiff, durable alloy to ensure maximum pedalling efficiency.

Gutter Seal Technology

Gutter seal technology on the bottom bracket ensures the internal components stay clear of debris and dirt to maintain lubrication.

3-in-1 Product

Includes English-threading bottom bracket, cranks, and a chainring, all shipped together.

2. State Cycle Co. Fixie Crankset

A solid forged aluminum fixie crankset that comes with a chainring, all for a low price.

A side view of the State Cycle Co. Fixie cranks showing off the product for a review listing the top 5 best fixie cranks.

These polished aluminum fixie cranks are a great product from a trusted brand. They’re lightweight, strong, and stylish, but you are paying a tiny bit more for the brand name.

This is a high-quality crank assembly and chainring without any frills. State Cycle Co. weren’t taking any chances with this chainring and crank combo.

The Ultimate Commuter Fixie Cranks?

When it come to getting between point A and point B, most commuters don’t care too much about the style or weight of their cranks. All that matter is efficient energy transfer.

The State Cycle Co. fixie cranks provide that smooth riding experience courtesy of a solid-forged 6061 Aluminum crank set. The 1/8”, 46-tooth chainring is also forged, ensuring minimal chances of cracking even under the most rigorous riding conditions.

Great Value Option, Long Crank Arm

Although these cranks provide a great riding experience, they are 170mm crank arms. That gives you more leverage pedalling, but it might case the crank arm or pedal to strike the ground on a sharp turn.

This issue mostly applies to brakeless fixies, since you can easily slow your turn with brakes if you don’t have to rely on skidding to stop.

If you’re set on 165mm crank arms, check out the SRAM Courrier or Vuelta Pista Track Crankset.

Best Aluminum Fixie Crankset

Multiple Colours Available

Options are limited, but you still get a choice of colours to match with other bike components.

Includes Chainring

The State Cycle Co. Fixie Cranks come with a 46-tooth chainring, a nice middle-of-the-road size that makes a comfortable gear ration.

Chainring Bolts Included

Everything you need to get rolling ships with the cranks. All you need is an allen key to install the chainring onto the cranks.

3. Vuelta Pista Track Fixie Crankset

Workhorse cranks perfect for commuters and casual riders, available in multiple sizes for a low price.

Vuelta Pista cranks are just what the name suggest. Fixie cranks designed to minimize weight and maximize speed, whether that’s on the track or on your daily commute.

With that said, this isn’t a good crankset for very aggressive riding or doing freestyle fixie tricks. It will hold up nicely for basic skidding, manoeuvring through traffic, and bombing hills. However, steer clear of doing Keo Spins or putting extreme stress on the Vuelta cranks, especially at odd angles.

Low Weight Comes at a Price

Because these are designed for conventional riding styles, Vuelta made the chainring construction a bit thinner. That’s terrific if you are looking for a work-horse crankset that will be dependable.

If you’re looking for a piece of hardware that you can really abuse, try the SRAM Courrier crankset which has a higher weight but won’t crack in extreme situations.

Sizing To Match Their Dependability

These cranks provide terrific value. They’re light weight, inexpensive, and durable. But they’re also compatible with almost all modern bottom brackets and spindles. Square Tapered spindles are standard these days, and the Vuelta Pista crankset is built to fit the 108 mm spindle.

I’ve even heard of people sotting it onto as small as 100mm fat bike spindles. Just make sure you space the chainline correctly. You can do this with some BB spacers and a good guide.

Also ensure you have the correct BCD (bolt circle diameter) if you are planning on replacing the chainring. 144mm is on the higher end of the bolt diameter spectrum.

These badboys come in silver, white, or black. I’ve always preferred black because dirt doesn’t show up as easily. White just gets scuffed too quickly if you care about appearances. Silver is a nice in-between.

Lightweight Fixie Cranks, Ideal for Commuters

Versatile Sizing

Order either 170mm or 165mm crank arm length with a bottom bracket slot that fits most modern bikes.

3 Colours Available

Choose from black, white, or silver metal finish. Each includes the embossed logo on the crank arm.

Ultra-Value & Lightweight

The price is exceptional for how light and durable this chainring is. You can save money without thinking you’re taking your life in your hands when you ride.

4. CYSKY Fixie Cranks

A budget crankset ideal for any beater or starter fixie bike.

If you’re on a budget, you’re looking for a quick replacement, or you’d just like a new pair of cranks for you beater, consider the CYSKY crankset.

These are a dependable budget option, if you don’t mind a bit of flash. The “OTA” branding on the side might be a bit obnoxious to some, but other might love it.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Performance

Although these are slightly lower quality than some of the other fixie cranksets on the list, they might be the best fixie cranks for a budget buyer.

Instead of the 6061 Aluminum alloy most premium cranks are forged from, CYSKY used a 7075-T6 alloy for these OTA cranks. They can get away with a slightly less durable material because they’re each component is CNC’d out of a solid piece or metal.

They are a bit heavier as a result, but at least you won’t have to worry about cracks of fissures forming in the chainring.

Standard Sizing For Fixie Bikes

Like most modern cranks, these fit a square taper, but have a 130mm BCD. It’s the most basic bottom bracket size for fixies. If you have a more specialized bike, you’ll probably need to replace the BB or work with some spacers.

Then again, if you have a fancy frame, you’re not going to be considering budget crank arms.

These fixie cranks will mostly appeal to people building new bikes or replacing stock components. They’re definitely a step above stock components, but if you’re looking for serious bike swag consider some of the other cranks on this list.

Inexpensive Fixie Cranks With A Bit of Flash

CNC Design

These cranks are cut from a solid block of aluminum by a computer. That helps keep manufacturing mistakes low and strength high.

Highly Compatible

The pedal and bottom bracket slots are as standard as it gets, meaning they’ll fit most bikes. Only specialized components won’t fit these cranks.

Designed For Urban Fixies

Unlike some of the other cranks on this list, these are designed for urban fixie bikes, not bikes that belong on the Velodrome.

5. Origin8 Pro Pulsion Single Speed Crankset

Single-speed crankset ideal for single-speed and fixed gear bikes of all kinds.

These cranks are technically designed for Single Speed riding, but they’re just as suitable for fixie riding. I low interior diameter for the chainring and 6061 Aluminum construction material ensures this hardware can stand up to all styles of fixie riding.

The chainrings are 1/8” and built for the same size chain that fixies run. I ran a very similar BREV-M chainring for years and never ran into trouble.

Premium Quality, Low Price

Out of all the cranks and chainrings on this list, Origin8’s crankset is the one which provides premium quality at a lower price. The brand knows what they’re doing with fixed gear components. They have a full line of similar products for cycling styles of all kinds.

You get the same premium material that SRAM and other elite cycling brands provide, but for a lower price point.

Fixie Cranks With Street Style

Unlike the more performance-oriented components on this list, these Origin8 cranks really fit the urban fixie style. Minimal branding and a sleek solid color make them a popular colour for urban cyclists.

What’s more, the standard BCD means you can swap out any chainring you want for colour variation. That goes for the chainring bolts themselves, too.

Origin8’s Best Fixie Chainring

46 Tooth Chainring

At 46T, the chainring fits a smaller ratio that’s ideal for quickly generating speed in an urban environment.

Standard Sizing

For swapping components, this chainring/crankset combo is a dream. Mix and match with other components at will.

Street Style

The Origin8 brand is known in the fixie world, and 2nd only to the SRAM Courier set. Origin8 does have a sleeker style, in my opinion.

Good Luck and Happy Riding!

If you have any questions about any of these fixie cranksets, drop a comment below. Otherwise, you can read more review of any of these fixie cranks here.

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