In a rush? Quickly compare the 6KU Fixie on Amazon, or keep reading the more in-depth 6KU Fixie Review.


In a word, it’s a good bike for casual riders and commuter who just want to get from A to B. This 6KU Fixie Review will explore why.

It’s for students looking for a cheap commuter fixie. People who want to try riding a fixie before investing in a better bike. Or even for casual riders who just don’t treat their bikes to hard.

You get the idea. The 6KU Fixie isn’t setting any records for performance, but the bike is solid, dependable, and will get you from A to B.

Is it worth buying? For many, the answer will be yes.

An image of the 6ku fixie on a street intended to show off the 6ku fixie for a 6ku fixie review

• Low price, great value• Pedals are on the cheaper side
• Easy to build with basic tools
• Front and rear brakes are easily removed

I’ll get into the details below, but if you’re looking for something a little more serious, check out some of these other fixies which provide great value and staying power. 

This article reviews the aluminum 6KU Fixie:

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Track Bike

The components are practically the same, but one from is aluminum while the other is steel. 

Positives of The 6KU Fixie

Let’s start with the positives. 

The bike is affordable, practical, and provides one of the best warranties you’ll find. 

It’s also decently comfortable if you know how to adjust your bike properly to fit your proportions. Supple hand grips and a synthetic leather saddle provide all the padding you need even for longer rides. 

A flip-flop hub lets switch from riding fixed and single-speed. 

If you’re weight conscious, the 6KU weighs less the comparable fixies in its class. 

Although its light it doesn’t skimp on durability, at least for the quality of components you get on a budget bike. You get Deep V double wall wheels which can really take a beating. 

6KU Fixie Features

Flip Flop Hub

You can switch from fixed gear to single speed in minutes thanks to the flip-flop hub.

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum is lighter and stiffer than steel frames. Less weight makes the bike more responsive and creates a tighter feel for the rider.

Ergonomic Design

The saddle, handlebars, & seat post are all ergonomically designed to accommodate the human body for a more comfortable ride.

Riser Handlebars

Fixie risers are THE popular type of handlebars right now, and they’re perfect for darting through city traffic in an urban environment.

Deep V Wheels

They’re not carbon, but the Deep V wheels that come with the 6KU fixie offer unparalleled durability and strength.

Custom Colours

Ride the bike you want to ride by customizing your colours. If you buy online, you have tons of colour combinations to choose from.

Upgrade Tip For The 6KU 

When you buy a starter bike, you get starter components. Many people buy the 6KU then upgrade of few of the components, like the pedals or saddle. 

That way you get a cheap fixie that’s in a league of its own!

The 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Review

Would I call the 6KU a beautiful bike? Not beautiful, but practical. A real work horse.

It’s also incredible how cheap this fixie is without skimping on quality. You can get it in every size from 47 cm. To 61 cm., meaning almost any rider can find one that fits.

The bike is affordable and available in all sizes, making it one of the most practical all-purpose bikes on the market. 

If you’re not already familiar with fixies and single speeds this is a great starting bike. It will take you to class, the office, or the park with friends. 

You won’t feel bad about riding it in the rain, plus thieves prefer to target more expensive bikes. 

There’s no extra weight dragging you down, plus you can customize it as you see fit. Many 6KU riders run either single-speed or the fixed gear with just a front brake. 

As a bonus, the 6KU looks pretty cool. Not bad for a few hundred bucks. Plus, if you buy it on Amazon you can get FREE shipping. Assembly requires only a few basic tools you could find at a local bike shop. 

Specs & Features of The 6KU

Fixies/single-speeds offer a number of benefits you won’t find on road bikes or hybrids. Many riders choose fixies for the value and convenience these features provide. If you’re new to fixed gear, these will give you an idea of whether fixed gear is right for you. 

Removing brakes is easy

Some people like to rely on pushing back on the pedals as their brake. You can use this mechanism to slow down even if you run a brake. Since the pedals serve as brakes of their own, some riders choose to take off one or both brakes to give the bike a slicker appearance and to reduce weight. 

Single speed track bike with flip-flop hub

Easily change your set up from single-speed to fixie in just a few minutes. The 6KU comes with a flip-flop hub, so you can cater your bike to your ride by flipping the wheel around.

Maybe you want to try some tricks or skids, so you ride it as a fixie. When you’re done you can switch the wheel around to the freewheel side and take advantage of coasting to make a longer ride more comfortable. 

6KU Aluminum Frame

This bike comes in two versions – steel and aluminum. Cyclists can go on for hours about the differences between the two, but here’s a concise breakdown.

Steel is heavier, but also softer and more durable. It can take more abuse. Aluminum is light and nimble, but it’s quite stiff and is more likely to crack when under extreme duress. 

Ergonomic Grips, Saddle, & Seatpost

Comfort is critical for a cyclist. The 6KU delivers with a synthetic leather saddle that provides that comfort and gives the bike a sleek look for a low cost. Its seat post is a standard 27.2 mm, so you can switch out for another seat post conveniently. Plush grip handlebars provide not only tight control over your bike but a gentle grip for your hands. 


The riser handlebars on this bike are popular on fixies. They’re narrow and give you the tight handling and leverage you need to be agile in city traffic. Even if you prefer a different handlebar, the stem is also standard size so upgrading later is easy. 

Wheel Sets 

The double-wall Deep V rims provide durability and cushioning without being too heavy. At 30 mm. they also won’t weigh you down at all, plus they’ll be compatible with standard tire valves. 

700 x 25c tires are slightly wider than the narrowest road-bike tire, giving you that extra stability that can really come in handy in the city. 

Customize Your Colour

Choose one of 5 different colours and accents to get the style you like. You can get classic white or black or something more vibrant, like red. 

Is The 6KU Fixie Bike Easy To Build & Maintain?

You’ll be able to put the 6KU together with the tools that come in the box. It only takes a few minutes. Maintenance on fixies is famously low, but when you need a tune up this bike is a breeze. 

Wide Choice Of Sizes

As mentioned above, if you’re between 4’10’’ and 6’5’’ the 6KU comes in a size for you. It’s available in everything from 49 cm – 58 cm. The aluminum model has a slightly broader range, though. Not sure about your size? There’s a sizing guide on the Amazon page or you can find one on Google. 

A sizing chart to help 6KU review readers tell which size they need.
The 6KU Bike Sizing Chart

Other 6KU Fixie Reviews

If you want to hear what other people are saying about the 6KU check out what people are saying on Amazon. 

It may be a great, affordable bike but customer testimonials are always useful to get a better idea of other people’s experiences. 


Both the steel and aluminum versions of the 6KU are a great choice as a starter bike. It’s a good buy for people who don’t want to splurge on an expensive fixie just yet and for urban commuters who just want to get from A to B. 

If you’re sold on the bike, you can get a great deal on the 6KU on Amazon. 

Riders looking for a more premium bike or a flashier fixie should check out our article about 5 cheap fixies you can buy online right now.


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