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You don’t have to stop riding your bike when the weather turns cold. I live in Canada and used to ride my fixed gear bike year-round. It was a convenient way to get to get around and the only reason I stopped was because of the salt the city uses to melt ice on the roads. 

Back then I rode a beater fixie converted from an old Peugeot road bike, so I didn’t mind a bit of wear and tear. That frame is a bit rusty almost 10 years later, but it’s still rideable.

If you decide to brave the winter conditions you may discover that cycling doesn’t have to be limited to the warmest months of the year.

1. Best Detachable Rear Fender for Bikes

Fenders keep water or snow from splashing up at you and your bike frame as tires spin, but perhaps more importantly they’ll keep your clothes cleaner. Anyone who’s ridden in the rain knows it doesn’t take much standing water to leave you soaked if you rip through a puddle.

You have a few options when it comes to fenders. “Permanently” Mounted fenders, detachable guards, or the temporary kind you tie on with zip ties. I prefer detachable fenders because zip-ties look cheap and I’m always worried I’ll scratch the frame when I cut them off come spring.

Besides, isn’t it better to have something you can take on and off without needing new zip ties each year? 

RBRL Bike Fenders

These detachable, mud guards from RBRL can be fitted to practically any bike, regardless of frame and wheel size. 

A product shot of the RBRL Bike fenders to illustrate the installation mechanism.

They also have a sleek aesthetic because they don’t require those spokes secured to the hub which give the bike a “granny cruisers” feel. Not that there’s anything wrong with granny cruisers, if that’s your style.

My favourite feature is the soft strap which secures the fenders to the frame. The soft material ensures you don’t scratch the frame. 

Best of all, you need nothing more than an Allen Key to adjust the angle depending on how your bike sprays up snow and slush. 

RBRL Bike Fender Features

Universal Fit

Universal fit designed for 700c bikes with larger wheel sizes


Don’t worry about adding too much weight to your bike. RBRL Fenders only weigh 400g.


A slick, modern appearance that doesn’t make your bike look blocky

2. Best Cycling Gloves for Winter

Gloves are an essential part of riding in the cooler seasons. The faster you ride, the more frigid wind your vulnerable hands will be exposed to. 

One winter ride without gloves will be enough to ensure you don’t make the same mistake twice. Regular winter gloves could serve casual riders, but a pair of wind- and water-proof biking gloves will be essential if you make cycling part of your lifestyle in the colder seasons. 

An image of winter gloves touch a phone screen, meant to show the importance of having proper riding gloves for winter bike riding.

The KINGSBOM Thermal Gloves have you covered. You could go with a premium option like the North Face Apex glove, but premium brands come with premium prices. While the Apex is on the affordable side of brand-name pricing, it’s also a little thinner and doesn’t provide the same level of insulation. 

You’d have to break the $100 barrier to get equally padded gloves from top tier brands. 

Meanwhile, the KINGSBOMs offer multiple layers of 3M’s 200g Thinsulate insulation and are padded for temperatures down to 40 below. Touch-screen compatibility is a nice bonus in case you need to pull over to take a call or ask Siri for directions. 

Check them out here or compare other options for the best winter biking gloves here.

3. Best Winter Night Lights for Your Bike

With the change of seasons comes a change in daylight time. Night comes sooner and it comes on fast. It’s best to be prepared and be visible on the roads, especially when inclement weather reduces the margin for error for drivers. 

High-visibility clothing helps too, but it’s not always easy to pack an extra get-up, especially if you’re heading to work or somewhere you need to look presentable. 

REFUN Bike Lights

A product shot of the REFUN fixie bike lights which shows their silicone body constrution.

These are exactly what you’d expect from cheap bike lights. They’re cheap, dependable, and probably won’t get stolen. 

You can quickly peel them off when you lock up your bike, but I don’t typically worry about it. Especially in the winter. 

The only real drawback is that they won’t illuminate the road in front of you like some stronger lights do. Another issue is a shorter working life. Mine have lasted 3 seasons before the battery dies.

Fortunately, the Amazon store sells them with 8 extra batteries included.

If sustainability is your priority, consider the Vont Pyro Bike Lights. They offer all the same features, plus the option to charge them with a USB cable. 

They cost a bit more, but what’s a few extras dollars to help save the planet?

Vont Scope Bike Light

A product of the Vont Scope Fixie bike light, showing off the difference between the front and rear lights.

A bike light this powerful needs to be mounted. With 120 lumens on the front light, it’s not quite a headlight but it’s as close as you can get on a bike. 

The Vont Scope will comes with a lifetime warranty, although you probably won’t need it thanks to a premium build quality. 

The only drawbacks are a weight of 5 ounces and the fact you should probably take it off if you lock your bike up anywhere.

Contrary to its appearance, the Scope is 100% weather proof, so you can leave it out all night if you don’t mind tempting bike thieves. 

4. Best Winter Tires for Your Fixie 

There are two types of tires to consider for winter riding, depending on your riding style. Your bicycle frame and wheelset size will also play a role, but even thin road rims have some flexibility in terms of tire types. 

You can go for either a thin tire which slices through snow and slush to get good contact with the road surface, OR you can choose a thicker, grippier tire to provide more traction in slippery conditions. 

Luckily, one tire has you covered for all of your road cycling needs.

Continental Contact Plus Road Bike Tire

Available in sizes ranging from the tiny 600 x 50c (24’’) to a whopping 700 x 47, this heavy-gripped tire has about as much traction as you can expect to get on a road tire. 

Prefer a thicker tire? Just order a wider size! Just make sure it still fits on your rim. Check your rim stickers to see which range of tire widths will fit. 

Continental’s Puncturebelt feature ensures your bike will stand up to the shards of ice that you’ll face on wintry roads. This company has been at it since 1871, so they must be doing something right. 

If you’re looking for more tire recommendations, check out our post about 5 Cheap Fixie Tires That are Still Worth Buying.

5. Bonus Winter Fixie Accessory: Bike Helmet!

This one is a no-brainer, which is how you’ll end up if you end up in an accident and you aren’t wearing one. 

Riding in the winter is riskier, and wearing a helmet helps protect your most important body part. You were smart enough to look up the best gear for winter riding, so keep that big brain intact by wearing a helmet. 

Any helmet will do, even if it wasn’t meant for cycling. You could buy a fancy winter helmet or snowboarding/skiing helmet, but that money would be better spent on bike components. 

A simple bike helmet works just as well. Most helmets are adjustable, so you can loosen the straps and fit a hat underneath. 


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