Click on one of the fixie brakes in the table below to jump directly to that section of the review. Otherwise, read on to decide whether riding brakeless or rolling with brakes is right for you.

Note: This list of the best fixie brakes covers brakes that are most suitable for fixies in terms of size, style, and dependability. You can find more high-performance brakes online, but if you’re looking for something that fits the aesthetic of single speed or fixie bikes these are for you.

Fixie Tire BrandPrice Point
1. Sunlite MX Fixie Brakes$
2. SRAM Rival$$
3. Shimano 105 Fixie Brakes$$

If you’re having trouble deciding, you can compare the best fixie brakes and brake calipers on Amazon.

Do I Need Brakes for a Fixie?

No. You can ride a fixie without traditional brakes, but you’ll have to depend on skidding to stop. Stopping with skids is less dependable and risky than traditional caliper breaks, so consider whether you’re ready to take the step to riding brakeless.

What Kind of Brakes do I Need For A Fixie?

Fixie bikes use caliper brakes like the kind you’d find on a road bike. That’s the type with rubber pads which press against the wheel’s rim to slow you down.

Do I Need Both Front & Rear Brakes on a Fixie?

No, fixie don’t require both front and rear brakes. If you run just one brake, consider the front brake since it provides better stopping power.

What Size Brakes Will Fit My Fixie?

Most road-bike brake calipers will fit a fixie bike. The brake arms typically have a range where you can adjust the brake pad height. Measure the distance between the centre bolt and brake pad to find the size you need. Cantilever brakes range between 39mm-108 mm.An image of brake callipers with overlaid red arrows to show how to measure your fixie brake size and range, created for a review of the 3 best fixie brakes.

For any and all other brake-related questions, be sure to consult Sheldon Brown’s comprehensive article on the topic.

Now, onto our review of the 3 best fixie brakes for 2021!

1. Sunlite MX Fixie Brake Set

A full brake set including calipers, pads, levers, and cables.

A Low-Cost, All-in-One Fixie Brake Package

Sunlite MX brakes are the complete package. Each unit ships with brake levers, callipers, and brake cables. All you need is a few tools to install them.

That saves you the trouble of buying brake calipers, levers, and cables all separately.

Aluminum construction provides a stiff, responsive feel while saving on weight. They may not be as light as something from SRAM, but the convenience of an all-in-one product for under $50 is hard to pass up, especially if your brakes are a supplement to skidding.

Fixie Brakes With a Low Profile and Dependable Quality

With a 69mm-96mm range in reach, these brakes will fit practically any type of fixie you can find. That’s the distance between the point where the brake

Dependable Aluminum Fixie Brakes

Low cost brakes that provide value and dependability.

Single-Pivot Side Pull

A simple mechanism helps keep your fixie low maintenance, just like fixies should be.

All-in-One Package

Conveniently buy all the brake components you need for your fixie with one purchase.

Under 1 lb.

Although these brakes won’t be appearing on the Tour any time soon, they’re pretty light for urban riding.

2. SRAM Rival Fixie Brake Caliper (Front)

Premium-quality fixie brake calipers for riders who demand the best.

Quality Fixie Brakes From a Quality Brand

Although these calipers don’t come with brake lines or levers, you can’t deny the quality SRAM provides. Second only to Shimano in terms of popularity, SRAM provides many legendary track bike components including their famous chainrings and cranksets.

This product ships just with the front brake caliper, but for my money you don’t really need a rear brake on a fixie. Skidding takes care of braking on the rear wheel.

It looks much slicker and simpler to run just a front brake, and that look falls inline with the minimalist fixie aesthetic.

Unparalleled Durability and Build Quality

There’s no topping these brakes for quality. Their forged arms and stainless steel pivot bolt provide the stiffness and durability an aggressive fixie rider needs to stop safely in urban environments.

The dual pivot feature of these brakes provides for a more even braking process, and that’s crucial for avoiding a flip over the handlebars.

Premium Fixie Brakes for Serious Fixie Riders

Top Quality Construction

SRAM is well-known for quality, and the SRAM Rival is no exception. They’re a bit pricier, but the cost is worth it when it comes to effective braking.

Designed For Urban Riding

With clearance for 28c tires, these calipers are designed strictly for road riding. That means better performance from a tailored product.

High Tensile Strength

Brakes need to be durable, and thanks to forged arms and a stainless steel pivot bolt, this caliper provides that much-needed durability.

3. SHIMANO 105 Fixie Brakes

While these are technically road bike brakes, they more than get the job done for fixies. Plus, they come in a pair for both front and back.

Sleek, Aerodynamic Design

These aluminum brake calipers are the most high-performance option most fixie riders will probably consider. Weighing in under 400 grams for the pair, the Shimano 105 brake set is a terrific option for riders interested in performance.

The stopping power on these brakes is a good as it gets. If you’re looking to spend more the only benefit would be lower weight. Fixies are light anyway, so that money doesn’t go too far.

Brand Name, Light Weight Fixie Brakes

Front & Back Calipers Included

Although they’re on the pricier side, these brakes come with both front and back calipers. Cables and levers not included.

Super Low Weight

As far as fixie brakes go, these are extremely light. Weight usually isn’t too much of a concern for fixies, but it’s a nice benefit

Sleek, Dragless Design

The angled design of the Shimano 105’s cuts down on drag to help you hit that clean line, every time.

Good Luck and Happy Riding!

Soon we will be coming out with a review of the best individual brake components. This list has a mix of full brake sets and just calipers. Keep an eye out for our list of the best fixie brake levers to keep your brakes discreet on the handlebars.

We will also cover best brake pads in terms of value. Until then, good luck and happy riding.

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